Where does the passport print take place?

DILETTA 440i passport printer / multi-document printer

Passport printer / multi-document printer

A new dimension in document printing
The ink color printing system for documents in book form or conventional documents.

Passport printing is not just passport printing - the DILETTA 440i shows class

The DILETTA 440i raises the bar for travel document printers significantly. No matter whether on plain paper or directly in the passport on security paper - the 400 is a real color professional. And you can rely on its lifelike colors. Just like at one or the other jealous look.

The new power printer. Professional down to the last detail

The DILETTA 440i also pulls out all the stops when it comes to versatility. Whether in B / W color or invisible UV color, whether with particularly small or particularly large paper weights, whether a passport, ID card or other document: As a user, you have almost no limits when it comes to printing. The extra-large ink tanks also speak for this.

Well equipped for the future

The high volume of international travel and the fight against organized crime call for more quickly controllable and secure travel documents. New standards are increasingly being established nationally and internationally. These include, for example: printed (non-replaceable) photos, security inks, machine-readable lines, biometric data (fingerprint, eye scan, etc.) in the form of two-dimensional barcodes, etc. The DILETTA 440i already supports all of these features today.

Excellent quality. All security standards
such as the 2D barcode shown

Color printing in perfection

Anyone who depends on the best print quality every day will make an excellent choice with the new DILETTA 440i. Because this printer shows what is in it on every passport page. With laser-sharp contours and clearly defined tones, it reliably ensures first-class output quality on all security papers. So you can look forward not only to the best labeling of the machine-readable lines and the visual zones, but also to the impressive results of the passport photos. The high performance of the print head results in the high print resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi (dots per 2.54 cm). As you can see, the 440 is a real color expert in the passport office in every respect. Thanks to two printheads installed in parallel - the DC-91 color printhead for photos and the DC-90 black printhead for machine-readable labeling.

The 7-color printing from DILETTA: printed photos instead of "photo printing"

Seven in one go? A fairy tale for most, child's play for the DILETTA 440i. Simply insert the photo print head DC-92 3), which contains six colors, and off you go in seven colors. In addition to the three basic colors cyan, magenta and yellow, there are also photocyan, photo magenta and photo yellow plus black from the DC-90 print head. This variety of colors with nine shades for each basic color ensures a brilliance in a class of its own. And you can print out any photo with this brilliance - with soft transitions down to the brightest passages: the DILETTA 440i ensures realistic image reproduction.

Always well taken care of - the printer with pantry

The 440 shows with every detail that it is great. This also applies to the specially developed ink tanks, which, by the way, can be exchanged in next to no time independently of the DC-91 and DC-92 3) printheads. But for the time being, you won't need to replace it, because: With the capacity of these tanks, you are well equipped even for non-stop operations.

With ease - document processing from thick to thin

The DILETTA 440i is particularly impressive when it comes to print media. It can process everything: passports of up to 100 pages with hard or soft covers and that on every page, visas, savings books, forms, applications, military books, seaman's books, ID cards, driving licenses, forest and fishing licenses, etc. But also with the printing materials he knows hardly any limits: thin paper to thick cardboard, security paper, coated paper, overhead transparencies, backing foils, glossy paper and glossy film. The printouts have one thing in common: They appear at a consistently high level of quality.

Always a good connection

The DILETTA 440i is supplied with drivers for Windows 3.x and Windows 95/98 / ME, Windows NT 4.0 or higher and Windows 2000. Driver for Linux and MacOSX optionally available.

Technical specification


Printer driver
Windows 3.1x
Windows 95/98 / Millenium Edition
Windows NT 4.0 or higher
Windows 2000
Mac OS (USB adapter required)

Power supply
UK / Australia
USA / Canada

Media (ICAO Doc. 9303 Part 1-3)
Machine-readable passports
Machine Readable Visa &
Machine-readable IDs

IEEE 1284 compliant ECP parallel
Interface (Centronics Bi-directional)

Print speed per MRP 2)
text only, high quality
Text and passport photo, normal quality
Text and passport photo, very high quality;
Text and passport photo, photo quality 3)

Graphic printing

Power consumption
Printing process

470 mm
330 mm
240 mm
9 kg


AC 230 V, 50 Hz, 0.45 A
AC 240 V, 50 Hz, 0.45 A.
AC 120 V, 60 Hz, 0.65 A

Yes (with max. 100 pages)


12 sec (440i) 18 sec (400i)
20 sec (440i) 30 sec (400i)
95 sec (440i) 180 sec (400i)
95 sec (440i) 180 sec (400i)

1,200 x 600 dpi

6 watts
40 watts (max.)

Available cartridges

Cartridge capacity

The ink tank and the print head of the DC-90 Cartridge consist of one unit. This is completely exchanged as soon as it is empty. The ink tank of the DC-91, DC-92, DC-93 and DC-94 Cartridge can be exchanged separately. This means that the entire cartridge does not have to be replaced. You can use the print head up to 5 times.

The stated capacity of the cartridges is only valid for the mass production of travel documents. The number of printable passports in a consulate or a small passport office can also be 1/10 of the stated value. This depends very much on the number of passes printed per day, the length of the stand-by times, the number of cleaning processes, etc.

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