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The English level of the Scandinavians is first class. Four Scandinavian countries are among the top 5 nations with the most profound knowledge of English:

Norway (1), Denmark (3), Sweden (4) and Finland (5). The Netherlands took second place. This is the result of a recent study carried out by the education provider Education First (EF). For this purpose, the company analyzed more than two million free online tests, which should provide information about the language level, from 44 countries over a period of more than three years (2007-2009).

Germany in 8th place

Germany ranks eighth behind Austria and Belgium. Spain (24) and Italy (23), on the other hand, lag far behind Western Europe - although almost 90 percent of all European high school students have English lessons in school. The Asian countries also have poor knowledge of English. Despite the British colonial rule and its reputation as an English-speaking country, the English level of the people of India (30) is no longer better than that of the rapidly catching up China (29).

Better English - higher GDP

A remarkable correlation: countries with better knowledge of English have a higher gross domestic product per capita (GDP) than those with a lower level. This is cause and effect at the same time. Because: Richer countries spend more money on education - including English, the leading language in the world economy. In the long run, better English education will increase the median income as more economic opportunities arise.

For example, the agency Dr. Steinfels language trips. The company has chosen 2011 as the language year. The reason: Due to the shortening of the grammar school years from 9 to eight years in Bavaria and Lower Saxony as well as the suspension of compulsory military service, a particularly large rush at the universities is to be expected after the Abitur. If you want to avoid this, you can bridge the waiting time with an educational trip. Overall, Dr. Steinfels 23 languages ​​in 36 countries can be learned or deepened.

More information at www.steinfels.de/sprachjahr.html

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