How much are the journalists paid

That's how much freelance journalists earn

At you can see which medium pays how much. You can make a living from your work as a journalist, says Katharina Jakob, board member of Freischreiber, but: “Most of the money is paid worse than we could have imagined.” On average, freelance journalists earn EUR 22.50 gross per hour. The average character fee is 40 euros per 1,000 characters.

The association had been collecting salary and fee data from journalists since autumn last year. They could indicate online what they earn and where. All data was collected anonymously. “We have a lot more data than we can show,” says the data journalist Haluka Maier-Borst, who developed the fee tool together with his colleague Michel Penke. According to its own statements, the association had received information on 640 media, but only about a little more than 100 enough to be able to publish a value. A mean value can now be seen so that the result is not falsified by outliers upwards or downwards. The data are neither representative nor a ranking, explained Jakob. "The point is to see whether it is true when an editorial team says: 'We never pay more than 18 euros‘ ", she said. You can also read how satisfied journalists are with an employer.

One gets 47 cents, the other 1.12 euros per line

Freischreiber's thesis is: "Talking about money is vital for freelance journalists." Freischreiber board member Frank Keil illustrated this with an example from his professional life: he worked in an editorial office where he got along very well with his colleagues have understood. Nevertheless, for years no one had ever talked about money. Only when the editorial team changed the length of the line without adjusting the fee did they exchange ideas. "And suddenly it turned out: one colleague wrote the line for 47 cents and the other for 1.12 euros," says Keil. One always heard: it comes from the top. Our hands are tied.

Jakob criticized the fact that it is often not true what editors say about fees. “You can't be fobbed off,” she says. She made an appeal to the audience: “Leave the editorial offices that pay so little. It is very important to me that we don't go on working for such shitty fees. "

From: Friederike Lübke