What are your favorite things why

Translation of "all your favorite things" in English

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It's a place where you all your favorite things keep.

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In this are Alles my Favorite things.
Really a place for you guys where Alles your Favorite things are.
It's interesting that Alles his Favorite things, Are things that you gave him.
It's interesting that all of his favorite things are objects you gave to him.
Your wardrobe is: A. Capsule style, with thirty carefully selected pieces from sustainable brands. B. cloakroom? That has to mean cloakrooms in the plural! C. a mixed bag Alles Their Favorite things and treasured finds.
Your wardrobe is: A. A capsule of thirty carefully curated pieces from sustainable brands. B. Wardrobe? Surely you mean wardrobes, plural. C. One happy, haphazard collection of Alles your favorite things and prized finds.
See this as a wrapped up excuse your favorite thing close.
Just make a list your favorite things and we fetch supplies from a few of them.
Is that one your favorite things? - Uh, no.
Hey I mean you should take something with you your favorite things.
Maybe are all yours Stem cells pluripotent.
Maybe all your stem cells are pluripotent, I don't know.
Get the horses all yours Affection.
Them horses the one get all your attention.
But I noticed all yours Movements.
So i have all yours Read stories.
Well, I, for one, have read all your stories.
All yours Relationships are a clear case.
All your relationships with men have one and the same character.
All yours Friends go to the Zodiac.
All our friends will be at the Zodiac.
I'm going all yours Amputate extremities.
I'm going to amputate all your extremities.
And you get all your Money back.
Yes, and all your money will be returned to you.
This girl will all yours destroy little fantasies.
That girl is the one who brings all your little fantasies crushing down.
Strengthen and protect them with all of you Makes.
Turn it into a strong hold and defend it with all your might.
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