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Masturbation Women: Important Facts

How often do people say: Then do it yourself! And how often is it exactly the right announcement! Why shouldn't that also apply to sex? We are here to tell you: Masturbation is one of the most beautiful and, above all, one of the most uncomplicated forms of sexual happiness! Science has also proven that self-love is healthy. Experts confirm that solo lust increases sexual self-esteem, can relieve stress, sleep problems and pain, and improves the ability to orgasm.

Okay, of course, most women know how good it is to masturbate. A survey of women’s health readers showed that almost all of them lend a hand. In our online survey, 98 percent said they do or did it. And for a good reason. According to studies, women have twice as often orgasm solo (59 percent always, 32 percent mostly) than with their loved one in bed. Not least because of this, we want to bring you back to all the advantages and types of masturbation.

How often and for how long do women masturbate?

Of course, this differs from woman to woman. But we asked a lot of women. Here are their answers on frequency and duration.

Do you masturbate

Yes: 91% So far only a few times: 7% No: 2%

How often do you masturbate

More than once a day: 10% Two to three times a week: 45% Once a week: 24% Less often: 21%

How long do you masturbate

1-5 minutes: 24% 5-15 minutes: 49% 15-30 minutes: 20% 30-60 minutes: 5% longer than 60 minutes: 2%

When and where do women masturbate?

Of course, in the greatest possible privacy: 45 percent of those surveyed say that they prefer to do it in the evening, 43 percent right before going to bed, obviously in bed. At least 25 percent like it in the morning - even if you have to say that technically speaking, men have the easier game because they have an increased testosterone release in the morning, which promotes arousal. Conversely, women need a little longer in the morning to get going. (More about solo sex: That's why we prefer to do it ourselves.)

What should I do best while masturbating?

There is no silver bullet. Everything is allowed, what makes you want (okay, except in public). Every woman should try out for herself what exactly excites and satisfies. The easiest and most uncomplicated way is to rub the clitoris with your fingers or fingertips. So you can control the speed, pressure and type of friction as you like.

Because everything goes smoothly in pure manual operation, 81 percent of the women we surveyed do it this way. But there are also various aids and variants that we do not want to withhold.

What tips can you use to make masturbation even better?

The possibilities are endless. You can tackle the path to the climax in different ways: crouching down or standing in the shower, with your fingers, with technical help or without. Here are a few more tips

With some lubricant

It can make the feeling even more intense, the finger guidance even more sensitive. Take a small blob in one hand and use your hand or finger to spread a little over and over the clitoris.

If you want to try something new:Intense Orgasmic Gel by Durex promises more intense orgasms by making the skin more sensitive.

With the vibrator

37 percent of those surveyed use a vibrator. Suggestion to everyone else: just give it a try! Professor Laura Berman from Northwestern University showed in a study that women who use it climax more easily than non-users. Here you can find out which vibrator is right for you.

The other type of vibrator: The well-known Satisfyer is a lay-on vibrator that stimulates the clitoris. If you're still in a tie, we'll give you tips:

With double use

Get twice as active! Pamper the clitoris with your finger while you massage the G-zone on the front vaginal wall with the vibrator. Would like more? Move it back and forth there.

With the shower

23 percent, i.e. almost one in four, also use the shower to relax. Caution: Never direct the jet directly into the vagina, this will easily wash off the good bacteria that keep the vaginal flora in balance.

With optical template

The visual stimulation arouses not only men: 41 percent of the women surveyed watch porn while masturbating. Also recommended: erotic literature.

Lust from afar

Does your partner want to join in when you satisfy yourself? Even if he's in another city? Well, that is now also possible. These vibrators can be controlled via an app. From the other side of the bed - or from the other end of the world:

Who do women think of when they are pleasuring themselves?

Goran Bogicevic /
What you think about when you masturbate is up to you.

It's not a touchy subject, no. What do you think your lover thinks about when he's alone with himself? Always just you Sorry dear. So what do women fantasize about during solo sex?

34 percent dream of Mr. Unknown during the self-massage, at least 28 percent think of their partner. Rating? No. Because all the men in your head are solely for your pleasure at that moment.

27 percent speak openly with their partner about the fact that they are satisfying each other. There have to be more! Feel free to tell him about it, he'll probably find it pretty exciting. Okay, maybe not the Mr. Unknown part.

The most common questions about masturbating

Many hesitate to ask specific questions about masturbation to the gynecologist. We do it. Katharina Rohmert, a doctor at Pro Familia Darmstadt, answers the questions.

I don't always come when masturbating. Is that bad?

Not at all. Whether orgasm occurs depends on many factors, above all on the physical and mental state of the day. Women must not expect that they can always produce the same feeling of pleasure one-to-one. Only if suddenly complaints such as B. If pain occurs, you should go to the gynecologist.

Am I at risk of infection with spit?

No, but I still recommend using lubricants because spit is 99 percent water and evaporates quickly. This irritates the mucous membranes, which creates a gateway for germs. Water-based gels work well, while silicones and oils are even more slippery. I like to recommend organic lubricant made from the kiwi plant or coconut oil. But be careful, if your loved one joins: Oil and latex condoms are not compatible!

It's much more satisfying without my partner. How do I deal with it?

That is normal. If it hardly works with him, it is best to be open, otherwise dishonesty will determine the relationship and avoid or fake intimacy. First, get self-stimulation into couple sex: Do it while he's at it, or both arouse each other. Guide his hand. And talk to each other! Maybe both partners are not used to being so open. But otherwise you won't get any further as a couple.

Masturbation is great fun. Whenever and wherever you do it: Enjoy your body. With our tips and tricks, it will be twice as fun.

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