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I would like to bring you a little closer to the Wicca cult with this article. It is a nature religion that is even recognized in the USA. The members of this religion see themselves as witches and their religion is called Wicca. Wicca means nothing else than the religion of witches. It still has a bad taste these days when you talk about witches and the witch cult.

Most people immediately think of black masses, sacrifices, blood, etc. But this is not the case and this image has been imprinted in our brains since the Middle Ages. Sure there are always outsiders who practice this, but these creatures are in every area. Wicca has the largest number of members in neo-paganism. You could write about it page by page, but I've only written down the most important points for you.

Where did the Wicca movement come from?

Writing and researching the origins is very difficult and there are many views in this area. But the fact is that it is a primordial religion that was born out of pagan belief. A British anthropologist wrote about the wise women in Europe in her book in 1921. There she names the witches as a magical and religious witch cult that has always existed and that has stood in constant opposition to Christianity.

Today's new Wicca religion was supposedly from Gerald Brousseau Gardner founded. He was in an existing coven called the New Forest Coven. There were and still are different lines, e.g. b. the Alexandrian line or the Gardnerian line. Then there are the free-flying witches, the modern Neo-Wicca. Neo-Wicca has spread rapidly since the 1980s.

The word Wicca originally comes from the Anglo-Saxon and means fortune teller. Wicce means fortune teller. This is how the English meaning Witch derives from Wicca.


What are witch circles?

Most Wiccan followers join a circle of witches. These circles of witches are never like any other. They have completely different views and beliefs. There are mixtures of the Celtic, Egyptian, Indian and syncretic beliefs. A coven of witches usually consists of 13 people because the number 13 in this movement is magical. There is a high priestess and mostly a high priest and a virgin, she is the deputy of the high priestess. This circle of witches usually meets at the eight annual festivals or at full moon. Some witch circles practice in the nudity, with others you have to wear certain clothes and again with other witch circles you can come in street clothes. If a witch circle gets too big, a new witches circle is founded, but it has to be a good five kilometers away from the other witches circle.

What does the Wicca religion believe in?

The Wicca religion believes that everything is a unity and is interconnected with each other. Nature is considered sacred because it gives people physical and psychological strength. The threefold moon goddess or the horned god are the focus. The triple moon goddess consists of virgin, mother and the wise, the horned god is often personified as a green man, sun god or heaven father. But it is often worked with different deities in the rituals. These different deities are actually only manifestations of the two great main deities. You can compare it to Hinduism. Each Wiccan person chooses his or her deity with whom they can best identify and who most inspire them. There is always a divine couple, such as:

  • Aradia and Cernunnos
  • Freyja and Odin
  • Diana and Pan
  • Lilith and Samuel
  • Isis and Osiris
  • Shakti and Shiva

In this ancient religion there is an equal female goddess and a male god. There are a myriad of different beliefs in the Wiccan faith. A witch doesn't have to be a Wicca. In Germany this Wicca religion is not yet well known and mostly it is "free-flying" witches who are active, but here too the Wicca cult is growing rapidly.

But there are also Wiccas who do not worship gods and those who practice union with nature. This belief system often resembles the mystical branches of the religions known to us. Most Wiccas see their "ancestors" as the Freemasons and Rosicrucianism, with alchemy and ritual magic playing a major role. The orientations also extend into Germanic and Celtic paganism.

Wicca is a peaceful religion

Wicca is a very joyful, lustful religion that lives in this world and does not seek its salvation in the hereafter like the known world religions. Wicca views the body and nature as sacred rather than sinful as most world religions do. That is why the rebirth of the soul is also assumed. There is a threefold return of the soul, but it is not believed that one brings about one's bad karma through bad actions in life itself, as for example in Hinduism.

Your own soul is free and you have your own responsibility for your life. Energy work is therefore often a component of magical rituals and their astral journeys were undertaken with the flying ointments in earlier times. Nowadays that is rejected. Wicca is a very tolerant religion and completely rejects fanaticism. They live according to the principle: As long as it doesn't harm anyone, do what you want or Everything that emanates from you falls back to you three times!


The annual festivals in the Wicca cult

The festivals and holidays of the Wiccas cult are based on their annual wheel. This wheel of the year consists of four Celtic solemn festivals and four solar festivals. These eight annual festivals are called Sabbaths in Wicca. They are of Celtic and Germanic origin. Although I have to note that the Celts who lived on islands only knew four annual festivals and only through the Germanic peoples who recorded the solstices. The equinoxes are said to have never been celebrated by these peoples. They are originally from the megalithic cultures. The Celtic annual cycle begins with Samhain. For the Celts it was the beginning of the New Year. The four most significant lunar festivals were:

They were and are also called feasts of fire and are the great Sabbaths. The four smaller Sabbaths or solar festivals are:

  • Litha (summer solstice)
  • Jul (winter solstice)
  • Ostara (spring equinox)
  • Mabon (autumn equinox)

Then there are festivals in honor of the full moon and its goddess. They are called Esbat.

Every coven of witches has a book of shadows. Rituals, invocations and also secret knowledge are noted there.

What is a book of shadows?

And before questions come up again: No, I don't belong to any Wicca religion! I personally don't like the word witch at all, because it has a very negative connotation, because it is an invention of the late medieval church. So many women and men lost their lives because of this persecution that I find it reprehensible to call yourself a witch. It comes as a mockery of those who had to lose their lives back then. It has not been proven that this word was called that for people with cultic acts before the church.

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