What if my passport application is rejected

Passport application rejected / delayed

Good day,

a friend of mine is currently in Asia. His German passport is almost full of visas and stamps, so he applied for a new passport from a German boot office.

Criminal proceedings are pending against him in Germany, but so far there have been neither negotiations, hearings nor a judgment. There is also no arrest warrant.

Since my acquaintance knew this beforehand, he informed the consulate about this procedure when applying, the feedback was positive, but the consulate had to get the "permission" to issue a passport from the responsible public prosecutor's office.

So far, however, the public prosecutor's office has only commented to the consulate to the extent that you would now have to re-examine the case. The consulate is not necessarily positive to my acquaintance either and so the clerk refuses to make another request to the public prosecutor's office. & lpar; OST: go back to Germany & rpar; I assume that this should not be the normal tone of an authority towards my friend, because the consulate is neither a public prosecutor nor a lawyer.

According to my acquaintance, time is running out because his visa is about to expire and he may now be forced to leave the Asian country due to the expiry date of his visa and thus lose his job.

Does my friend have a way to get a passport? Possibly to start a new application at another embassy and hope that these employees will try harder?

How is the judgement here?