Will Brexit create jobs

The Netherlands is attracting more and more companies from Great Britain because of Brexit. A record number of 550 companies are currently in talks with the agency for foreign investment about relocating or expanding to the Netherlands, as the Foreign Investment Agency announced on Thursday.

Despite the Corona crisis, 78 companies affected by Brexit moved to the Netherlands last year, as many as in 2019. "Not only is the number of contacts growing, but also the number of companies that have decided in favor of the Netherlands after Brexit, is increasing, "stressed the agency. The newcomers want to create a total of 6,000 jobs and invest 544 million euros in the first three years.

Amsterdam in particular arouses the interest of British companies. Mainly companies from the areas of trade, finance, medicine, agriculture, logistics and sales have settled in the Dutch city. They want to ensure that after Great Britain leaves the EU, they will continue to have unhindered access to the internal market of the European Union.

The London financial sector is also feeling the effects of Brexit. More shares were traded on the Amsterdam stock exchanges in January than on the Thames, according to data from the Cboe Europe futures exchange. According to this, the daily trading volume in Amsterdam was 9.2 billion euros, compared to 8.6 billion euros in London.

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