Are the Irish violent

New violence looms in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a divided country, at least in hearts. Some beat for Ireland, others for what some Northern Irish, the loyalists, call the British motherland.

Even if almost half a century ago, the bloody clashes in which both Irish and British soldiers died have not been forgotten.

Every year, Northern Irish loyal to London commemorate their dead and loyalist bands prepare for their traditional summer marches. In recent years they have been relatively unproblematic, but now the mood is very tense after the completed Brexit.

Most recently there were violent riots in Shankill, a stronghold of the British loyal Northern Irish. They protested against the border in the Irish Sea - a consequence of the special regime for Ireland after Brexit. Anger quickly discharges on the street. With the vaccinations, things will be back to normal in the next six months. Gary warns he is sure "If nothing has happened politically by then, people will take to the streets, I'm sure. It will get out of hand and maybe become uncontrollable, and nobody wants that."

This part of Belfast is one of the most socially disadvantaged areas in Northern Ireland. Here the British flag is held high, here they have the feeling that the Irish nationalists have been heard in the Brexit negotiations, but they have not. A lot of anger has built up.

euronews - Correspondent Tadhg Enright ranks:

“Northern Ireland's loyalists loyal to London have no monopoly on poverty or disadvantage. But they are right when they speak of a lack of participation in politics. Irish Republicans can count on their largest party, Sinn Fein, which is in government here The British loyalists have no place at the table. "

The poorer communities feel that they are not represented by politics, not even by their DUP. Because they did not manage to prevent the additional protocol on Northern Ireland in the Brexit treaties, and they hate that because it separates their Northern Ireland a bit more from the British Isles.

The frustration in Shankill just keeps growing.