Your life is going downhill right now

When everything goes wrong ... and why you are on the right track then

Your soul and you - you made a pact with each other.

She lets you have your experience. And when she senses it's time to move on, she'll give you signs.

Because why you are here - that is to have experiences and ultimately to be who or who you REALLY are.

It is a process of knowledge and experience. Your experiences ultimately all lead you to yourself.

Some experiences are beautiful and some are painful.

We always only want the pleasant ones .... and we overlook the fact that pain only arises when we turn away from our soul.

As soon as we turn to our soul and our real path again, the pain disappears, the unpleasant experiences disappear. This is the navigation system here on earth. Thats how it works.


So if you have the experience that nothing is going the way you want it to - then you are simply on the wrong track. It is a dead end indeed! Your life will NOT move you on THIS path.

But what can you do to get flowing again? To recognize your way again?

First of all: nothing.

Because we have always tried to achieve our goal through DOING and DOING. but the soul wants us to just start listening to it and let us show us how the EASY way goes. And we don't find it through more effort, more searching, more doing. We find it by becoming still, relaxing.

By coming to ourselves.

Sometimes this can take longer than we would like. Perhaps your life even "forces" you to take a break because there is no other way.

Maybe for weeks or months you haven't had a plan to help you find your trail again.

Let it happen, don't fight it!

Let help if it is good for you! Get support, perhaps from a coach, a therapist, a doctor.

Do whatever is good for you.

But allow this time of ignorance.

At some point, when you have rested enough, let go of the old enough - then your soul will show you the important way.

The next step.

Towards yourself and into a fulfilled life.

How to face the challenges

We don't need to gloss over it: if we are bad, we are bad.

All affirmations and good advice and positive thoughts usually do not help.

Therefore: allow all your feelings to arise. You are deeply healing! And they have so much to tell you about yourself.

At first it all may feel awful. But the longer you really stay WITH YOURSELF and accept yourself with all your despair, your tiredness, your disappointment, the clearer and more loving your connection to yourself becomes.

You stop pushing aside the unloved parts of you.

At the same time you start to hear your inner voice again ... and to follow it. Step by step.

Sometimes feeling our own feelings is so uncomfortable that we don't like to face it alone.

This is not a mistake or a weakness. That's human.

So don't hesitate to get support if it feels right. There are a lot of good coaches!

Do what is good for you. As much as possible. Be loving with yourself! Do not judge yourself for your situation.

You are exactly where you should be. And you have all the options available to get out of there.

Even if you do NOTHING, you are doing a lot! It's just an old idea of ​​us that all of the clutter and hustle and bustle is GOOD, and resting, pondering, idleness is something that we can do when we've done enough.

But did that make you happy?


And so start today to let everything be as it is.

Your path WILL go on.

Let your soul guide you.

In a loving, fulfilling life that suits you and makes you happy!

For all those who want support in such a situation, I have developed my anti-stress coaching.

I am happy to support you if it feels right for you!