Company secretaries deserve a good salary

The secretary's salary

Secretaries can be found in almost every company. There they are indispensable in everyday work. But is this work also well paid? In order to answer this question, we have put together the salary data from our own database for the secretary profession.

Gross salary as a secretary

Monthly gross salary2.464,59€
Annual gross salary29.575,11€
How much net?

According to our database, the average annual salary as a secretary is € 29,575.11 gross. A monthly salary of € 2,464.59 and an hourly wage of € 15.37 can be calculated from this.

Our latest records for the secretary profession

You will find a more detailed insight into our salary data for the secretary profession below. Here we have listed the ten most recent salary records that were sent to us by secretaries.

Data sets from May 16, 2021
Gross salary in €Agegenderworkplace
3.200,0022male72070 Tuebingen
3.200,0022male72070 Tuebingen
1.700,0054Female49832 Freren
2.200,0032Female79106 Freiburg
2.500,0039Female65558 Oberneisen
1.142,0052Female07318 saalfeld
2.400,0023Female14641 Nauen
2.942,0054Female87435 Kempten, Germany
1.870,0053Female64347 Griesheim
3.400,0059Female10117 Berlin

What is your salary as a secretary?

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Average salary after leaving school as a secretary

Whether a higher educational qualification improves the chances of a higher salary depends on the individual career choice. The following shows what the average salaries after graduation for the job of secretary look like:

graduationGross salary in €
Secondary school leaving certificate3.100,00
Intermediate maturity2.327,47
University entrance qualification2.730,33
General University Entrance Qualification2.412,50
Commercial / trade2.500,00

The benefits of being a secretary

But as a secretary can you also take advantage of extra services? Secretaries have listed the following benefits in our database:

What do you do as a secretary?

A secretary mainly has to take on general office tasks, whereby the handling of all correspondence is in the foreground. Of course, the commercial and administrative tasks are also important, depending on the area of ​​activity. In addition, a secretary certainly takes on tasks to assist his superior. After many reforms and modernizations, the current job title is office manager.

Factors influencing the salary as a secretary

The salary of a secretary, like many salaries in the private sector, depends on federal income and company size. In the new federal states, a little less is generally paid. The size of the company is a decisive factor in determining the salary. In large companies a secretary earns an average of 2,800 euros, in small companies 2,200 euros. The monthly income of a secretary with less than five years of professional experience is 2,000 euros. After ten to fourteen years in the job, the salary increases to 2,400 euros. After twenty years of professional experience, you can expect 2,600 euros.

Duties as secretary

Secretaries work in large or small companies in industry, trade or craft. There they work in the areas of administration, business, companies and authorities. The secretary's duties include time management, administration, organization, bookkeeping, expense accounting and much more. Department-specific tasks can also be assigned. Often one no longer speaks of a secretary, but of an office manager or executive assistant.

The job title changes depending on the industry in which the training to become a secretary is sought. As a businessman for office communication you work in trade, craft or industry. Anyone who wants to work as a secretary in the public service is trained as a specialist in office communications.

Characteristics that you should bring along as a secretary:

  • Office management
  • Correspondence
  • Bookkeeping
  • administration
  • Business administration
  • EDP ​​and modern software application
  • German and English (or other foreign languages)

The training salary of an office management clerk by industry

Since 2014, the training courses for the office professions office clerk, clerk for office communication and specialist clerk for office communication have been reformed and are included in the uniform training for clerk for office management. Since the reformed training to become a secretary or a clerk for office management combines three office professions, which previously focused on specific content depending on the industry, trainees can now deepen their skills through so-called elective qualifications.

The choices are:

  • Assistance and secretariat
  • Order control and coordination
  • Purchasing and logistics
  • Commercial processes in small and medium-sized companies
  • Commercial management and control
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Human resource management
  • Public finance
  • Public relations and event management
  • Administration and law

A training salary is paid during the training:

The training salary as a clerk for office management in the industry and trade sector is roughly as follows:

Year of trainingsalary
1 year832 to 926 euros
2 years905 to 975 euros
3rd year974 to 1,061 euros

In the craft sector, the training salary after the year of the apprenticeship for the office management profession is as follows:

Year of trainingsalary
1 year299 to 714 euros
2 years345 to 755 euros
3rd year419 to 823 euros

Office management trainees in the public sector are remunerated according to the following guidelines:

Year of trainingsalary
1 year823 euros
2 years874 euros
3rd year922 euros

Training as a secretary

Most secretaries have completed a commercial training or were able to qualify for the profession through extensive further training, but there are always opportunities to qualify for the professional field through further training. These further training courses are particularly suitable for a secretary:

  • Commercial assistant
  • Business assistant, office / secretariat department

In addition, there is also the opportunity to train as a business economist for communication and office management. Then the gross monthly salary is between 3100 and 3500 euros.

  • The advanced training is often offered in the form of modules so that one can choose between relevant topics and focal points. In this way, specific knowledge gaps can be closed or other skills can be further developed.

The advancement training: For example, if you are planning to move up to the position of chief secretary or manager in a writing pool, you should consider advancement training. There you acquire all the necessary skills. The following training courses are available here:

  • certified secretary
  • Business economist for communication and office management

These training courses are offered by recognized educational institutions. You can do it full-time or part-time. Further training as a secretary is also possible in the form of a course of study at a university or an academy. The bachelor's degree programs in Marketing / Sales and Service Management are ideal there. Studying is often possible even without a university entrance qualification.

Office management clerkBusiness economist for communication and office management
approx. 31,500 eurosapprox. 40,000 euros

Frequently asked questions about salary as a secretary

Since the range of tasks is varied and can vary greatly depending on the company, it is usually not enough to be satisfied with a learned skill. Therefore, a large number of advanced training courses are offered that qualify you to work in a specific industry.

Foreign language skills are also becoming more and more important, which is why you can do further training in a foreign language course. In addition, there is further training in the areas of communication and rhetoric so that communication with employees and customers always runs smoothly.

When it comes to the salary of a secretary, not only the area of ​​responsibility but also the place of residence, years of employment and age play a role. This can result in differences of 20,000 euros in gross salary.

As a management assistant you usually have an above-average salary. However, most of the work experience has an impact on salary.

The industry is a determining factor in a secretary's salary. The best income is in the chemical industry, with an average of 3,100 euros per month.

This is followed by the metal industry with 2,800 euros, then financial services with 2,600 euros and finally public administration with 2,180 euros.

A collective bargaining agreement is advantageous for secretaries. In this respect, the monthly salary remains the same and averages 2,669 euros. This means that it is 15 percent higher than the salary of colleagues in non-collective bargaining companies.

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