Why do hotels offer room service

Will be traveling as a family in July 2020 for 1-3 days
Traveled during COVID-19

Unreasonable breakfast and no room service!

Even if the corona pandemi certainly makes things more difficult, it is still no reason to offer guests poor or no service at all. The rooms were badly cleaned, absolutely no room service, not even a new toilet roll after one night. The breakfast was an impertinence. Wrapped squishy sandwiches, sometimes already after the expiration date, a rotten apple, sugar water as orange or multi-juice in tetra packs, muesli bars that nobody needs ..... and not to forget, 2 small muffins that were touted as special , wrapped in aluminum foil, probably taken from a large pack and then individually wrapped in aluminum foil for each one (which in turn does not at all correspond to the hygiene regulations, which supposedly prevent you from getting a decent breakfast). Corona is being pushed forward in order to clearly save costs and personnel. You can also serve a delicious breakfast on a plate (fresh rolls, sausage, cheese, jam, egg, etc.) without a buffet. Other hotels are leading the way. Corona is also no reason to completely stop room service. The staff may be on short-time work and the full room rate will still be due.
Otherwise, the existing staff at the front desk is very friendly and tried hard, as far as it is in their power. The location for exploring L├╝beck is good, as there is a bus stop in the immediate vicinity. Otherwise in the middle of the residential area with a street.

Bus stop in the immediate vicinity, otherwise a purely residential area, almost no restaurants. The hotel's own restaurants are unfortunately closed.

No room service. Shoddy clean. Old furniture, old bathroom.

No service at all. But friendly staff at the reception.

No gastronomy. Unreasonable breakfast, which doesn't deserve the name.

Value for money: Very bad
Information about the trip
Traveled as:family
Duration:1-3 days in July 2020
Reason for travel:city
Info about the evaluator
First name:Michael

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