Why can't there be universal plugs

Safety universal plug 16 A 12-24V ProCar # 28273

ProCar safety universal plug with forcibly guided 16A strain relief

The universal plug is suitable for the cigarette lighter as well as standard sockets and has an integrated, replaceable fuse of 16 A (included in delivery)

With positively guided strain relief and firmly lockable compensating sleeve through bayonet locking, pull-out tool. With integrated replaceable microfuse.

Item details:

  • pull-out tool
  • ABS plastic housing
  • Type: plug
  • Design: universal safety plug
  • Suitable for: cigarette lighter and standard
  • Connection: screw contacts
  • Operating voltage: 12 - 24 V / DC
  • Load capacity: max. 16 A
  • Screw contacts: up to 2.5mm²
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