What is Chaos Magick

John Zorn: Chaos Magik on CD

John Zorn: Chaos Magik

Magical jazz

"Chaos Magik" - John Zorn used the so-called chaos magic, an occult magical tradition that relies on paradigm shifts and connects different traditions, as the inspiration for his new album.

A fitting title for a multifaceted and magical work for which the American composer and bandleader brought even more high-profile players on board.

CD (Compact Disc)

Conventional CD that can be played with all CD players and computer drives, but also with most SACD or multiplayers.

  • Label:Tzadik, 2020
  • Order number:10451919
  • Release date: 7.5.2021
  • Overall sales rank: 6272
  • Sales rank in CDs: 2891
Chaos Magick is a contemporary magical practice based on the ideas of Austin Osman Spare. Remarkably inclusive, it embraces and has influenced the work of William Burroughs, Robert Anton Wilson, Aleister Crowley, and many others. Inspired by these magical practices, Zorn recruits the three members of his most powerful ensemble of the 21st century, Simulacrum, with special guest Brian Marsella on the electric piano to form this eclectic new quartet Chaos Magick. A fast, improvisational and intensely focused ensemble that draws on classical, jazz, funk, improvisation, metal and more. This music is even crazier than Electric Masada - a must for all fans of the outside world!
  1. 1 The initiate
  2. 2 corinthians I
  3. 3 The servitor
  4. 4 St Augustine
  5. 5 Egregore
  6. 6 Crossing the abyss
  7. 7 Liber M
  8. 8 Imp of the perverse
  9. 9 Corinthians II