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Braunschweig House - Dormitory for people with addiction problems

The offers from Haus Braunschweig are aimed at people who have generally been using addictive substances for many years, as a result of which there may be a variety of physical, psychological and social consequences for those affected. Because of this diversity, these people are referred to as "chronically multiply impaired, dependent people".
The support offered by Haus Braunschweig aims to enable the residents to realize their plans and their express wish to shape their lives independently again and to take responsibility for themselves and especially for their health.
Those affected who come to us have usually undergone outpatient or inpatient therapy treatments and have had a large number of failed attempts to abstain. Another part has been using addictive substances for many years without any treatment experience.
For those dependent people who lack the ability to lead an autonomous life, we offer social therapeutic help that is appropriate to the severity of their impairment and thus prevents further social exclusion and is intended to counteract the deterioration of their situation.

Living and living together

People with this background can expect a community of women and men who have had similar experiences in Haus Braunschweig. With us, the residents can both find peace and maintain contact with their flatmates.


For drug users affected by opiate addiction, our house offers a corresponding offer for psychosocial and health stabilization. It is basically possible as a heroin user to take advantage of our range of services and to be substituted in the outpatient department of the drug advice center in Braunschweig.

Daily structure - work and employment

As part of the daily structure, each resident works 25 hours a week in the work and employment area. This includes the wood workshop, housekeeping and cleaning service, the renovation area and the maintenance of the outdoor area. A bicycle workshop is also to be built. The skills and interests of the residents are taken into account when assigning work.

Help offer

Qualified employees are available around the clock for social support. For all personal matters there is a permanent contact person in the social service with whom one-on-one discussions can also be held. Regular group discussions are an integral part of the range of assistance.

Goals and expectations

The clear decision for a life free of drugs is a prerequisite for admission to the Braunschweig house. We expect the residents to work actively in the house and take part in all the offers.
In this way, strengths and weaknesses can be made aware, skills and self-confidence can be further developed and strengthened.

Further shaping the future

If the goals have been achieved with us, the residents receive our support in their steps in their further, independent life. We are happy to help you find an apartment and with the necessary administrative procedures. There will also be an option for further outpatient care.

Our offer for interested parties

Interested parties are cordially invited to get to know Haus Braunschweig. We would be happy to show the house and, if necessary, clarify whether it is possible to admit it. After any necessary detoxification and after the relevant social welfare agency has approved the costs, we look forward to welcoming you to the Braunschweig building.


The Braunschweig House is a dormitory for dependent people with chronic multiple disabilities and offers assistance in accordance with § 53, 54 SGB XII in conjunction with § 75 SGB XII. It is a home within the meaning of Section 1 of the Home Act. It offers 40 single rooms in four corridor areas, each with 10 rooms on two floors. A sanitary area is available for every two rooms.
The length of stay in the dormitory is unlimited in time and depends on the particular circumstances of the individual case, depending on the cost commitment of the service provider.


House Braunschweig is located in the Lehndorf district. A bus connection is right in front of the door. Doctors, post office and shops are all within walking distance.