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How assets are counted towards BAföG

If you have too much assets as a BAföG recipient, there may be deductions.

2. How do you proceed with the crediting of assets?

After the following examination steps, the BAföG office decides whether assets should be credited:

a) Are assets within the meaning of BAföG?

According to § 27 Abs. 1 BAföG, all movable and immovable things, claims and other rights are considered assets, unless you cannot use them for legal reasons, e.g. B. because they were seized. It is irrelevant whether it can be used for purely factual reasons, e.g. B. because you can't find a buyer.

Household items do not count as assets, e.g. B. furniture, household appliances, linen and dishes, but also musical instruments, radio and television sets and electronic communication devices (cell phones, smartphones, etc.).

Rights to pension payments, social security claims and usufructuary rights are also not assets in the sense of BAföG. For individual asset items, see point 3 below.

b) What is the value of the asset position?

For the determination of the Asset is always that Time of application decisive (+/- 14 days, see VwV 28.2.1). This also applies to securities. Changes during the approval period are not taken into account. It is Not