What should my marketing job title be?

Personnel problems in online marketing

There is a large discrepancy between demand and supply, particularly in the personnel area. Almost every company has major problems recruiting for positions related to online marketing. There is a massive shortage. No other industry has grown so rapidly in recent years; not all existing positions can be filled with qualified employees.

Social Media Manager, SEO Manager, SEA Manager, Affiliate Manager, Conversion Optimizer, Email Marketing Manager, Mobile Marketing Manager, etc.

The shortage of employees is largely due to the still new industry, there are too few employees who have been doing this type of job for a long time. As is the case when most of the professions or job titles for positions in the online marketing industry only exist for more than 5 years in a few cases. Compared to other industries and professions, this is of course dwindling.

For example, the searches on Google for:

Mobile Marketing Manager





The first inquiries about the keyword “Mobile Marketing Manager” appeared on Google for the first time from the end of 2006 and then again only in mid-2007. This information seems realistic, because already in 2006 there was a very high distribution of smartphones with the Symbian platform. The first iPhone appeared in 2007 and initiated the smartphone trend that continues to this day.

Social media manager





The topic of social media, especially StudiVZ and Facebook, generated widespread attention from 2007 onwards, and this continues to this day. For StudiVZ the awareness is of course considerably less nowadays. Since the term “social media manager” was mentioned for the first time occasionally at the beginning of 2008, it can be assumed that this job title or activity has not existed for more than 5 years.

SEO Manager and SEM Manager






The first SEM managers were searched for in mid-2005, while SEO managers were first searched for at the end of 2007.

Lack of skills in assessing a job

Another problem with recruiting is the lack of competence to assess online marketing and to break it down into suitable parts. Companies are often looking for the all-knowing online marketing manager. There is a lack of knowledge as to which competencies and which know-how an applicant has to fulfill in order to be suitable for a certain position. It is of course difficult for companies that have so far had no direct reference to it to position themselves in online marketing; without prior knowledge, adequate personnel recruitment is certainly even more difficult.

For companies with a strong online connection such as Online marketing agencies, the internet-savvy startup industry or e-commerce companies, it is not difficult to know exactly who is needed and which skills they should have. No, it is much more difficult to find suitable candidates here.

Own network and breeding

Many companies in the online marketing industry mostly rely on their own network when filling vacancies, or experts breed their employees themselves. Internships in particular often serve the purpose of self-breeding in this branch. However, recruiting suitable interns is often more difficult than expected. Some recruiters or managing directors swear by their own university contacts. But maintaining and tapping them takes a lot of time. As a rule, interns should already have a large pool of well-founded specialist knowledge ready, this reduces the target group and makes the search and selection more difficult. In the course of the internship, it becomes clear how high the learning curve is. If it is likely that the learning curve will exceed the profitability curve for the activity carried out in the foreseeable future, interns are often taken on directly and, if possible, deployed as full employees.

The mentioned, missing competencies, especially for companies without direct online marketing reference, are mostly also expressed in the wrong choice of recruitment options. Often the wrong channels are tapped, e.g. Job advertisements in traditional magazines. It is clear that little or no potential employees are reached there, and certainly no employees who are not directly looking for a job. The younger generation, especially those who are not directly looking for a job, no longer look for jobs in a daily newspaper. The wastage there will be far too great. Tenders in internet portals or especially via the business platform XING are better. In the case of advertisements in large Internet portals, however, again only people who are actively looking for work are addressed. For no reason, more and more recruiters and headhunters have sprung up in recent years who are primarily concerned with this industry. Industry knowledge and networks are often a great advantage when it comes to selecting and addressing potential personnel correctly.

Our portal is aware of these conditions in the personnel area and tries to support companies as well as employees. In our job exchange, only positions related to online marketing are systematically advertised and distributed via all available channels in order to also address people who are not actively looking for a job. This includes your own page, the RSS feed, the newsletter and the social media channels Facebook and Twitter. In addition, there is active marketing on the applicant side to ensure that the advertised jobs achieve a sufficient reach.

Just try it out: OnlineMarketing.de/Jobs or contact us: Contact options - we will help you find suitable candidates.

Good people in this industry are never unemployed

This statement has definitely existed and its raison d'etre. Anyone who does a good job in the industry will always have a fixed relationship, which also includes startup activities or their own companies. The demand for people with experience is great, higher than the number of capable people actually available. The development of the industry, workers and labor demand will be an exciting matter. The fact is that recruiting in the industry is in full swing and more and more people are joining.

What are your experiences? Salaries too high, too low? Can the positions be filled sufficiently? Gladly from an employee and company perspective.