What is the most irresistible perfume for women

Seductive fragrances for women

Love goes through the nose, um the stomach. However, if you don't have time to conjure up a five-course menu on the table today, you can simply beguile your dream man with one of these fragrances.

Olympéa by Paco Rabanne will help you out of the friend zone

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Touched 1000 times, nothing happened 1000 times ... He's one of your best friends, you can talk to him for hours, laugh and do great things. But as a woman, the buddy guy hasn't noticed you yet? Then you need a fragrance that makes your feminine-sensual side particularly shine. The fresh, intense fragrance with woody-oriental scents and salty vanilla chords opens eyes and senses even to the most dull case of hardship.

Set signals with the right perfume

Become his number 1 with Shalimar from Guerlain

Order now here:Shalimar Souffle de Parfum by Guerlain

If the competition is fierce, sharp guns have to be deployed. According to legend, an Indian emperor loved his wife so much in the fourth century that he built the luxurious Shalimar Gardens as a token of his love. Perfumer Jacques Guerlain was inspired by the story to create an extremely sensual, seductive, oriental women's fragrance. Citrus fruits, jasmine, white musk and notes of vanilla are among the ingredients. Make use of the scent power to conquer the much-advertised!

Conquer dear men's hearts with With Rose Goldea from Bulgari

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To get on the same wavelength with a gentle guy, you should be delicately seductive when it comes to perfume. Such men are more into the fragile woman type. The new women's fragrance combines sensual musk, warm sandalwood, powdery musk, incense and crisp, fresh rose notes to create an elegant perfume with which you can make the good guy glow without overwhelming him.

La vie est belle from Lancome meets his artistic streak

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Men with artistic ambitions are actually always on the lookout for inspiration. Be his muse. With personality, imagination and a keen eye for the good things in life, you have the best chances with this type of man.

The basics of perfumes

Business men with Chloé eau de parfum wrapping around their fingers

Order now here:Chloé Eau de Parfum

Men who are still at the beginning of their careers like to polish up their image with a business woman. You can impress them with a women's fragrance from Chloé, for example, which exudes dynamic freshness and also underlines your eloquence and intelligence in meetings.

With J’adore by Dior you will conquer sports enthusiasts

Order now here:J'adore by Dior

Sporty men usually like fresh fragrances. You scare them away with powdery notes. Gaining the attention of these often self-loving examples of men is not that easy, so strong seductive-sensual ingredients are a must. The bottle already provides the shape that sporty men love in women: slim and well-proportioned. The fragrance is characterized by a natural freshness, complemented by very feminine notes of ylang-ylang, damask roses and jasmine flowers. Tip: If you want to conquer your prince in the gym, just don't wear too much perfume. The better the skin is supplied with blood, the more intensely the scent develops - and too much attractants quickly turns off.

You'll never go wrong with these perfume trends

Rock out together with Jean Paul Gaultier

Order now here:Intense Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier

The biker bride should choose her perfume sensually and spirited, and preferably more intense, so that the scent can still be sensed seductively under a helmet and leather outfit. A good choice are the perfumes by Jean Paul Gaultier, such as the Intense Classique. Here spirited notes of orange blossom, rose, patchouli and vanilla meet, united in a sharp corsage bottle.

Conclusion: a seductive fragrance makes you irresistible

With the right perfume, you can skillfully wrap men around your finger. But keep in mind: No matter what type of man you are into, the most important thing of course is that you can smell yourself good. And if you like yourself, you also have a more attractive effect on others. So: Always follow your own nose!

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