Are Australians white friendly to Asians

What makes Australia so unique?

Australia is special! Everyone who has been there and was able to experience the country and its people live knows that. Even after years, many of them will not let go of the country. There are certainly more exciting countries than Australia, but the charm, culture and beauty of this country seem to haunt you like a pesky virus.

I am super grateful to Australia for two years Called my home with sparkling eyes. But what makes this country so unique?

The nature

You can find it all in Australia! Many believe that it is hot everywhere in Australia and that the poisonous animals are just waiting to kill you. But it's not quite like that! There are different climate zones in Australia - from the hot north to mountains with snow you can actually find everything there. In the Great Barrier Reef you can find a picture-perfect beach, in the interior red earth and lonely nature, in the south wine regions and a rough coast.

The Australians

They don't take themselves fully and tend to see life as easy without making it very difficult. Most of them are also very helpful, friendly, humorous and very talkative. I can remember moments when I would have liked to have had some peace and quiet, but had no chance, because the Australians are just soooo talkative and often don't let them get rid of.
Australians are very hospitable too! It has happened to me and many others that one was offered to live with total strangers for free. And only because they talked to you for five minutes and thought you were nice. And they actually mean it!

We would call Australians naive because they have confidence in their fellow human beings. In many areas of the country, houses and cars are not locked because nothing happens anyway. I remember one situation when I moved into a new flat share and couldn't get a key to the house or my room. I asked the house owner if I could still get a key and he just looked at me questioningly and said “why?”.

When I was still looking at shared apartments, I was often offered to pick me up and take me away again. Just because. Even if in the end I didn't want the room.

The lifestyle

Many Australians who travel quickly realize that they are at home in a beautiful peaceful bubble live and not want to exchange them for something else. Everything is a little slower, more peaceful and more human. Schoolchildren have swimming lessons in the sea and for others the day starts at sunrise so they can go surfing before work. Even Australian money is made of plastic so that it doesn't break while swimming or surfing. Australians like to spend their free time outside with friends or family at BQQ instead of watching TV or lounging on the couch.

The cities

Australia has glittering metropolises like Sydney and Melbourne, which have a very high quality of life, offer a lot of culture and are very relaxed compared to major European or American cities. In addition, they are often on the beach or near other natural highlights. So even if you live in the middle of Sydney, you can start your day with a round of surfing.

The whole package

Australia has the total package that is otherwise very difficult to find. The serenity, the perfect nature, the climate, a good infrastructure and western standards make Australia a kind of unicorn among all countries. Often you will find a great mentality and breathtaking nature in poorer countries. And the affluent countries rather stress and doggedness and the focus on material things. People like to spend their time outside and tend to accumulate less material. I always had the feeling that the focus was more on enjoyment than on consumption.

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