Retinol actually repairs the skin

Beauty tips: Retinol - miracle cure for wrinkles

Retinol is currently on everyone's lips as the most effective anti-aging ingredient. The pure vitamin A is said to make wrinkles disappear in no time, repair photodamage and combat pigment spots. But are retinol creams really the beauty miracle cure, and what about side effects? We took a closer look at the anti-aging vitamin

The anti-aging vitamin retinol

Retinol is the pure vitamin A that is responsible for the formation of new skin cells. Until the age of 25, the body absorbs enough vitamin A through food, as retinol is contained in numerous foods such as carrots, spinach, fish, eggs and dairy products.

The aging process robs vitamin A.

However, from the age of 25, there is a lack of vitamin A. The natural skin aging process and a lot of UV radiation rob the body of such a high amount of vitamin A that the body cannot produce enough retinol. The result: the skin loses its elasticity and the formation of wrinkles is encouraged.

Cream with retinol as an anti-aging agent

The skin aging process can, however, be slowed down with a cream with retinol. The active ingredient stimulates collagen formation and. The anti-aging miracle drug can actually rejuvenate the complexion, which is also proven by numerous studies.

Application of the retinol cream

Those who start a retinol treatment should, however, slowly get their skin used to the full vitamin power, as skin irritation such as redness and flaking can occur at the beginning. So at the beginning it is better to apply the cream thinly and twice a week. After a few days, the skin should have got used to the beauty booster. If the skin irritation does not go away within this period, the product should be discontinued.

Those who tolerate the cream well can see the first results just four weeks after the first treatment. After three months, the complexion should visibly improve.

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Additional tips for using retinol

When buying retinol cream, look for soothing additives such as green tea.

Do not use any other beauty products that may irritate the skin during the retinol treatment. Peelings and aggressive washing gels are taboo. Instead, use mild cleaning products.

If your skin is very dry, you can first use a moisturizer as a base and then apply the retinol cream.

In strong sunlight, you should wear sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 50 so that the skin is not additionally stressed by sunburn.