What is a real friend

What is a real friend?

How do you know real friends?

A person who is on a friendly basis is referred to as a boyfriend or girlfriend. The question of how to spot fake friends is quickly answered. Having good friends is just as difficult as finding gold. People mistake friends for real friends. You can have many simple friends who are more like acquaintances. Real friends, you may only have one or two in your entire life. A real boyfriend or girlfriend can mean a lot more to you than your husband or wife. This friendship can be stronger than the brotherhood.

There are many traits that people see as signs of genuine friendship.

Many of them are not mentioned here because they change and your enemies can behave like that and hide behind them. But these are characteristics that do not deceive, that are not necessarily brought to the fore, but that are crucial in order to know whether the one is really a real friend. Your fake friends may have different traits, but these following are difficult to demonstrate unless you are truly a true friend.

You can recognize a real friend like this:

• Really loves you, an unconditional love with no sexual or material ulterior motives
• is helpful without asking many questions, but can also express his interest in your problems by asking questions
• is almost always there for you when you need him
• trusts you
• always gives you good energy and motivates you
• is happy about your luck and your success
• Do not judge you, but can be critical
• does not support you in your mistakes and is not afraid to tell you what you are doing wrong
• doesn't give you applause everywhere if you don't deserve it
• Can tell you no without worrying that you will be angry and that the friendship will suffer
• doesn't always agree with you. He represents his own opinion and, if there are only two of you, will not be right if you are wrong. But in public, no matter what, he's by your side and behind you
• doesn't always agree with you
• shows you when he is upset, when you have annoyed him
• accepts small quarrels if necessary. And after the argument, he gets along with you easily again
• accepts you for who you are, but tells you what is wrong and what you can do better
• does not slimy
• stands by his word and makes no promises that he cannot keep
• does not always have the same tastes as you. A friend who has the same taste will sooner or later be jealous
• does not imitate you and has its own way and style
• does not compare himself to you and does not always try to have / do the same as you
• Doesn't depend on you, but asks you for help every now and then, for a favor
• respects your other friends or other groups of friends and does not suck himself in. He doesn't make your friends and acquaintances his own

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