You were the hated sibling

The Harrison siblings

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Chapter 3 in which everyday life moves in


Elaine sat groaning on a chair in the kitchen and pressed her hand to her stomach. Now she understood why her mother hated Apparating. That was hell. It had felt like it had been squeezed through a thin, rotating hose. When they showed up in the kitchen, she had pushed Charlie aside and dropped into the chair. The redhead had asked if she needed anything, but she didn't have to look him in the face to see the amused grin on his face.
The same grin that Peter always had on his face when he had done magic and she still marveled at it with big eyes even after years.
The painful thought of her papa replaced the queasiness in her stomach. She closed her eyes and took three deep breaths. Dr. Leohnard had recommended that she do this when she felt this pain again.
Elaine stood up, glared at the smirking Weasley, then checked her watch quickly. Twenty to one. It took her half an hour by car in normal traffic. The kindergarten also closed at one. Cursing loudly, she went into the hallway, grabbed the car key for the old Mini from the key board and turned to Charlie.
He was watching, fascinated, the washing machine that was in the kitchen and was working on Anabell's dirty sheets.
"Well, you don't have that, do you?" Elaine asked and the redhead turned around, caught. He grinned crookedly and scratched the back of his neck embarrassedly with his right hand.
"I have to pick up the two dwarfs now, would you like to come with me?" The blonde had made the offer before she wanted to think about it any further. She blamed it on breaking all traffic rules in order to be at daycare on time and her little diabolical side in her hoped that was as bothering him as it was Apparating. Her suggestion definitely had nothing to do with her appreciating the company of Weasley.

Annoyed, Claire stood in front of the kindergarten with her younger sister. She had met Elaine here ten minutes ago. Now she had to pick up Anabell on her own and the youngest Harrison was not at all happy about it.
"But let Lain pick me up," she said, stamping her foot to give her words more expression. Claire rolled her eyes. The school day today had already been hell. The teachers had handled her with kid gloves and her classmates had all stared at her. Even Christopher, her best friend, had asked her all along if everything was really all right. There was also a lot of homework that the math teacher had given her. Why did she have to divide fractions in writing when she was going to Hogwarts in September anyway. She hadn't received a letter yet, but she was sure that one would arrive at her place in July. Even so, her mom had insisted that she go to normal school. Again she envied Ginny that she was homeschooled.
The sound of a car startled her out of her mind. A rather old, green Mini came around the corner.
Elaine had bought it three weeks ago because in Ottery it wasn't enough to have just a bike.
The young brunette was somewhat surprised to find that her older sister was not alone in the car. When the car stopped, Elaine got out first. Anabell jumped up and ran towards them, laughing loudly. The blonde spread her arms and caught the three-year-old, picked her up and whirled her around once. Elaine looked exactly like Lizzy and Claire pinched her arm tightly to drive away the pain. Then she took her satchel and her younger sister's small backpack and headed for the car. A red-haired man came out of the passenger door. Was that Charlie Weasley? Wasn't he with some dragons in Romania? Claire had last seen him two years ago on Molly's birthday, and Ginny talked about him a lot. He seemed to be her favorite brother and she had had to comfort young Weasley a lot when he moved away.
She went on and heard him say something to Elaine about worse than the ride at Gringotts. The addressed grinned and then went to Claire with Anabell in her arms.
“Sorry I'm late. I got some owl food. But that's why we're having lunch at Molly's today. Is that OK?"
Claire actually wanted to pout, but the thought of doing something with Ginny put her in a good mood.
"Is that your boyfriend?", Anabell asked Elaine and pointed at Charlie. The person addressed began to laugh. That was the first question the youngest Harrison asked her older sister whenever she was closer than six feet to a man Anabell didn't know. It all started when the young author brought her ex-boyfriend to a family dinner earlier last year and introduced him as her boyfriend. Claire also snorted and Elaine said no to her youngest sister's question. Charlie, however, didn't understand the sudden laughter, but accepted it with a shrug.
"But who is he then?", Anabell finally wanted to know.
"I'm Charlie, but the last time we saw each other, you were really little." He looked at the little brunette in a friendly way and waited for her reaction. Claire watched the spectacle impatiently. She wanted to get to Ginny quickly and hear the latest from the wizarding world. Maybe she even knew something new about Harry Potter. He should probably come to Hogwarts this year too. Maybe she would come to a house with him. Even though his parents were both in Gryffindor. Claire's father, on the other hand, had been a Hufflepuff. When she was little, her father had told her stories about the various Hogwart's houses. In fact, she liked the Brave Lions house best, but she thought the badger's yellow house would be beautiful too. After all, that would make her a little closer to her father.

Elaine's fingers flew quickly over the keyboard of her bulky laptop. When she told her editor about the situation and told him that she was moving to Ottery St. Catchpole, he had managed to get her one of these portable computers. This made it easier for her to work anywhere and it was much more pleasant than typing on her mother's old typewriter. She had taken out the laptop after dinner. At that moment she had been very glad Arthur had to work overtime at the Ministry. She didn't know exactly how this technical marvel worked and therefore didn't want to explain it to a curious wizard.
Ginny and Claire had disappeared directly upstairs to the only Weasley daughter's room after dinner. Ron had gone upstairs too, and Molly was out checking the trap spells for the garden gnomes. Anabell took full possession of poor Charlie. Even before dinner, the three-year-old insisted on sitting next to the dragon tamer. After she finished, she slipped off the chair, took Charlie by the hand, and pulled him into the living room. In between, Elaine had listened to her sister trying to count the countless freckles on the redhead's face. But at thirty-four the three-year-old had given up. That was more than two hours ago.
Elaine was happy to have some rest. She had been lagging behind with the chapters for weeks and hoped that she could at least meet today's deadline. At home she would turn on the modem and email the chapter directly. She also enjoyed the peace and quiet around her. So far she had only had time to herself when her siblings were asleep and then she had mostly had to deal with paperwork. She looked up from the screen and briefly followed the movement of the sponge, which, thanks to a little magic, had started doing the washing up on its own. Maybe she should write about the usefulness of magic in everyday life in her books, she thought.
With her index finger she adjusted the glasses on her nose - her shortsightedness meant that she only needed them for reading and writing - and corrected one of those hated comma errors. Then she took the pencil that was lying on her notebook next to the laptop and considered how best to start the next chapter. Maybe the protagonist should finally get to know his sidekick now. The blonde didn't get very far with her thoughts, because a crying Anabell came into the kitchen, followed by a seemingly overwhelmed Charlie.
"Charlie said dragons can't talk," she yelled and fell against Elaine. This took her sister in her arms and stroked her back soothingly. With the other hand she pushed the laptop away from the edge of the table and took off her glasses.
"But he's lying because they can always talk in your stories and with Jim Button too and he's goofy.", She sobbed and the blonde couldn't help but smile.
“But these are all made-up stories my sparrow. And Charlie works with real dragons. ”She looked at the redhead and nodded reassuringly to him. He couldn't help it. Anabell hadn't had a nap and it was now five o'clock. The little one was just completely overtired.
"But you write so much about dragons and I want one too, and how should I play with him when he can't talk?" She asked, wiping her nose with the back of her hand. The oldest of the Harrison siblings quickly saved the document on her laptop, closed it, and put the little brunette back on the floor. Then she slipped off the chair herself and crouched on the floor in front of her.
“I'm sure dragons are very, very smart. But their vocal cords are probably very different from ours, so we don't understand their way of speaking. But that's also the case with dogs. These animals just communicate differently. ”, She spoke calmly and wiped her little sister's tears with her sweater sleeve. Anabell seemed to be thinking and then asked: "What does communicating mean?"
"Communicating is just another word for talking." Elaine explained and stood up again and picked up her sister as she held out her arms to her.
“But if I have a very small kite, then I can teach it to talk. Like Peterson and Findus. ", The little one yawned and put her head into the crook of her older sister's neck.
Elaine patted Anabell's back and then walked up to Charlie, who was still standing in the doorway. She smiled at him and then said, "I think we'll go home."
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