What are the new smart home devices

Apple is apparently developing two new smart home devices

Apple has so far neglected the smart home sector. Now the financial news service Bloomberg reports that two new device types are to be in the development, both of which would be completely new in the range of Apple.

On the one hand, Apple is working on a product that combines Apple TV with a HomePod speaker, on top of which they want to add a camera for video conferencing. In addition, further smart home functions are to be implemented. Here the company from Cupertino is probably taking the Fire TV Cube from Amazon as a model. The other functions of the device would include the usual standards of the Apple TV box as well as smart speaker functions such as playing music and videos and the use of Apple's digital assistant Siri.

Competition with Amazon and Google

On the other hand, the technology giant from Cupertino is working on the introduction of a high-end loudspeaker with touchscreen in order to be able to better compete with the market leaders Google and Amazon. Such a device would combine an iPad with a HomePod speaker and also include a camera for video chats. Apple is apparently developing an iPad with a speaker connected to a robotic arm to follow users around the room, much like Amazon's newest Echo Show gadget.

Both Apple products are still in the early stages of development, and the company may choose not to release either or change key features. The company often works on new concepts and devices without ultimately shipping them. An Apple spokeswoman refrained from responding to Bloomberg's questions. (red, April 12, 2021)