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Mouse as a pet

A mouse is ideal for keeping as a pet. The small, cute and playful specimens that you can choose from in the pet shop or animal shelter no longer have much in common with their wild counterparts. A tame mouse cannot simply be released into the wild. Therefore, you should think carefully beforehand what your new pet needs in order to feel comfortable with you. Children from the age of 10 can adopt a responsible attitude. Then they are careful enough, because although mice are cuddly, they shouldn't be touched too roughly.

Species of mice for different needs

Regardless of which species you choose, it is always advisable to keep at least two mice together, because these animals need social contact with conspecifics. No matter how well you take care of your mouse, as long as it doesn't live with at least one mouse friend, it will not lead a happy life on its own. In any case, you should make sure that you only keep mice of one sex together, otherwise offspring will appear very quickly. The castration of the males is also helpful, because otherwise it can lead to dangerous rank fights.

Color mouse

The color mouse is the domesticated form of the common house mouse, which has been used as a cultural follower in Europe for thousands of years. When humans started farming, these wild mice discovered the stored crops as easily accessible sources of food. The color mice can be traced back to these rodents. Through targeted breeding, a wide variety of color variations have emerged, ranging from white to cream to dark brown and black. Two-tone specimens are also popular. The coat color has no influence on the character traits. Color mice are very agile in their activity phases, which alternate with regular rest phases. They climb well, enjoy jumping and are interested in exploring their surroundings.


Among the various species of gerbil, the Mongolian gerbil has established itself as an increasingly popular pet. Originally the gerbils are mainly at home in steppe areas in Asia and Africa. The animals come in different colors, with the respective coat color on the back being darker than on the belly. The tail is also covered with fur. Gerbils are very clean animals and the typical mouse odor is not very noticeable in this species.

Spiny mouse

This species is found in Eurasia and Africa and only occurs in limited color variations, ranging from yellowish to brown to gray. Spiny mice do not tame hands and can be aggressive when they feel threatened. Since they sometimes bite, these mice are particularly suitable for owners who do not seek direct contact with the animal. However, it is very interesting to observe the lively social behavior of the spiny mice. Children and adults who would like to take their mice in their hands to cuddle should not choose this species.

An enclosure to feel good

There are many different ways you can put your mice around your home. In pet supply stores you can choose between different cages and terrariums or aquariums can also be an alternative. If you are a skilled craftsman, you can build a cage according to your own ideas. Make sure, however, that the new mouse housing has a narrow grid, because the rodents can fit through the smallest gaps. Your new pets will feel most comfortable when they have several levels with ropes, tubes and various platforms available in their cage. During the activity phases, mice like to be out and about and climbing is one of their favorite pastimes. A dormitory is ideal for the rest phases. If you provide hay, paper tissues and similar soft material, the mice can make themselves really comfortable. Regular cleaning of the cage and changing the litter are of course part of keeping the small animals.

Healthy and varied feed

A water bottle and stable feed bowls are part of every cage facility. Always make sure that the water bottle is well filled. Your mice will be well taken care of with special feed mixes for small animals, but you should do something good for them every day with fresh additions. As rodents, mice like to nibble on various nuts or sunflower seeds. They also have no objection to fresh fruit and vegetables. Once a week, mice enjoy a small portion of quark or a boiled egg, as this is how the protein requirement can be met. If you watch your mice, you will soon find out which food they particularly like. You can use this preference to tame the mice and they will ultimately be happy to come to you.

Toys provide variety

A nicely furnished cage already provides a rich variety of activities. With special toys you can add even more variety to your mice's everyday life. Above all, exercise bikes are particularly popular with rodents, because there they can just run off at full power. These wheels are made of different materials and when making your selection you should make sure that the rungs are close enough together. Otherwise the mouse can get stuck and injure itself.

Regular freewheeling for the mouse

At least once a week you should allow your mice to run outside of their cage. If possible more often, of course, because a change of scene is good for your pets. Before opening the cage door, make the room mouse-safe. Windows and doors, including cabinet doors, must be kept closed. Otherwise your pet will wander around and be difficult to find again. In addition, the mice like to gnaw on a lot and this can be life-threatening with poisonous houseplants and live cables. In addition to playing together, you should always keep a close eye on your animal.

Good health for a long mouse life

A mouse has an average life expectancy of one to two years. Good cage hygiene, healthy food and keeping several animals together ensure the necessary well-being. Nevertheless, diarrhea, parasite infestation or other problems can sometimes occur. Monitor your mice regularly and if you notice any changes it is best to consult a veterinarian.

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  1. I wanted to buy a mouse but only 1 to 2 years of age. Maybe there is a possibility to extend it

    1. Hello Katja,

      if you take good care of your animal and keep it humanely, you will surely have a happy life. Of course, it is not possible to extend life expectancy.

      Best wishes,
      your ZooRoyal team

  2. Which toys do mice like?

    1. Are mice as human-related as rats, which are said to have great sympathy for their owners? Or is it completely different with mice?

      1. Hello JeanLouise,

        The relationship between the caregiver and the animals is certainly decisive here. With the right training, mice can behave similarly to rats towards their owners.

        We hope that we were able to help you and thank you for your interest in our magazine! πŸ™‚

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    2. Hello, I didn't want to ask any questions, just say that the site has informed me well and now there is nothing to be said against getting a new roommate

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    3. How much do mice cost?

      1. Hello Ben,

        this differs depending on the type of mouse and the federal state and cannot be answered across the board. It's best to just ask your local pet shop.

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    4. Halllo
      How did 3 color mice cost about?

      1. Hello Enya,

        this differs depending on the federal state and cannot be answered across the board. It's best to just ask your local pet shop.

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    5. I wanted to ask how β€œextreme” the urine smell is (when mucking out every day)?
      So of course that depends on how thoroughly you care for the cage, but that would be good to know.

      1. Hello Marie,
        You can't say that across the board, of course, because everyone has a different feeling for things like that. The smell is definitely bearable πŸ˜€
        Feel free to share your experiences with us if you should buy mice.
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    6. Dear Zoo-Royal-Team,

      thank you for this informative article!
      We want to get some mice too, but my children can't agree on whether they are colored mouse or gerbil ... one wants it that way, the other one that way.
      Hence my question, whether it is also possible to keep animals of both species together, i.e. a colored mouse and a gerbil together?

      Thank you very much for an answer!

      Best regards

      1. Hello Maria,

        the best thing to do is to find out more from your local specialist retailer. The experts on site have the best experience with their animals and can certainly be of great help.

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    7. Hello, I wanted to ask if you can keep mice in an outside cage?

      1. Hello Sophia,
        no, mice shouldn't be kept outside.
        The outside temperatures are far too changeable. The strong drafts or too much sunlight are not good for the mice. That is why we strongly recommend that you keep the small animals inside.
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    8. Hello, I have a question about the mouse runout; Can I let the mice run free in a small enclosure for a few minutes outside, or is it necessary to let them run free in the room because I am not completely sure of some mice?

      1. Hello Aenne,
        thank you for your question.
        If the outdoor enclosure is absolutely escape-proof, you can give it a try. Please always keep an eye on your mice and note that cats, birds and other hunting animals can be a danger to the small rodents!
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        your ZooRoyal team