What is it like to work for Virtusa

Virtusa Germany

Friendly team, good development opportunities, international environment

Employee or workerWas working at Virtusa Germany GmbH at the time of the assessment.

I think it's good about the employer

I think the team is great, the office and the international environment

I think it's bad about the employer

The strong Indian hierarchy. Indian micromanagement

Suggestions for improvement

Better structure, improvement of internal processes.

Working atmosphere

I enjoy working at Virtusa because the German team is super personable. The office is large and well located. There is enough space to develop freely. It is important to know from the start that Virtusa is a global company!


Virtusa could definitely polish up their image more. Because it's not that bad here.

Work-life balance

Personally, I can compensate for overtime very well. 30 days of vacation, which is a rarity today, is great.

Career / further education

I have the feeling that I have already developed a lot. I can get a taste of different areas and what is important is simply personal engagement! If you are committed yourself and communicate this, you can have a good career here! But if you just sit around and wait for someone to come up to you, then Virtusa is not the right employer.

Salary / social benefits

I am pretty happy! Of course, more is always possible. But complaining at a high level

Environmental / social awareness

There were of course some savings through Corona ... Of course, there was more that could be done here. Virtusa is already doing a good job internationally. The topics of recycling, environmental protection, occupational safety, etc. are also strongly promoted in all other locations.

Cohesion among colleagues

There are many joint team events. You can usually find time for a coffee and some good advice. In general, I think the team at Virtusa is great, because there are no intrigues spun around the back (like some other companies ...)

Dealing with older colleagues

As far as I know, older colleagues are treated in the same way as younger ones.

Managerial behavior

Everyone from the German team also works with an international / Indian team. My direct official supervisor is based in Sri Lanka and India. Of course, it should be noted here that communication must be adapted in an international context. Which I personally find exciting, because I think it's great to work in an international environment. There are of course certain challenges (e.g. hierarchy, different understandings of politeness, etc.)

working conditions

I am satisfied with the working conditions. I am neither overwhelmed nor underchallenged.


You work a lot with other cultures, especially India, USA and UK. Therefore 90% of the communication takes place in English. One should be aware from the beginning that cultures are different. Anyone who enjoys working in an international company and communicating with many people from different cultures will enjoy working at Virtusa.

equal rights

Here I would say that women and men have equal rights. Both in Germany and internationally. Many superiors are women too. In my team we are even more women than men, which unfortunately is not always the norm in an IT company. I have to subtract two stars, because India has a different understanding of man-woman ...

Interesting tasks

I like my job so much because I can get a taste of all areas and find out what suits me and what doesn't suit me. It is important that you approach people yourself and signal: Hey, I would like to get involved here and here. So you are not stuck, you can really develop. My old employer ended after a year - no further development. You do the job day in and day out. At Virtusa, however, I can do more or less depending on my desire and ambition.