Google Maps is less accurate than Waze

Waze: This is Google's second great navigation app besides Google Maps

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Everyone knows Google Maps, but it's not the only map app from Google. For navigation there is Waze. A powerful free app.

You can navigate with your smartphone at any time, regardless of whether you are walking, cycling or driving. There are tons of suitable apps, even Google even has two different solutions on offer. Of course, everyone knows Google Maps and the integrated navigation functions, which are definitely also really good here in Germany. Waze, on the other hand, had a different approach from the start, and was later only bought by Google (2013).

Waze relies more on community thinking. Everyone should be able to help via Waze to report construction sites, speed traps, accidents and other factors that can affect everyday traffic. Waze is exclusively geared towards navigation, which has various advantages over Google Maps. We want to briefly talk about which points clearly speak for Waze and why you should definitely try this app.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimit, speed cameras, vignettes

On the one hand, Waze has a very simple structure. At first glance, the app makes it clear that the user should choose a destination and start the navigation. It is not less easy to notice that Waze not only shows the speed you are driving, but also the maximum speed allowed. Waze can warn of speeding and speed traps. In addition, the app takes into account any vignettes and environmental badges available on request - all of which Google Maps does not offer in Germany.

In the messages area, you can set in detail what and how Waze should inform you about speed cameras, level crossings, accidents and other factors. You can also avoid ferries, as well as motorways, unpaved roads and even "difficult turns".

Waze relies on the community

As mentioned earlier, the community is The heart of Waze. Within the app, you can report accidents, warnings, controls, speed traps and many other factors at any time, with a comment, photos and other details. Equally practical is the breakdown assistance function, which you can use to request professional breakdown assistance or other Waze users. Sometimes it only takes a short helping hand, then another Waze user could be with you more quickly.

Thanks to the community, public parking spaces are also available. For POIs, users can indicate where the nearest parking spaces are available and you can navigate directly to these points. Speaking of navigating. Your trips can be planned in advance and saved in the app. You do not have to create a route planning immediately before you start your journey, but can do it in advance. Traffic data can also be used to find out when the best time for the upcoming trip would be.

Waze is fully customizable

As you can see, Waze is a fully featured navigation app for smartphones and tablets. Of course, there is no lack of integrated music services. You can also link your calendar and adjust the navigation based on your appointments. There are even very funny functions, such as the ability to store your own voice for the navigation announcements. But of course you have to say all the navigation commands yourself.

There are various settings for displaying the map, such as the optional night mode, 2D and 3D display. You can even change the vehicle symbol on the map. Compared to Google Maps, the satellite view for the map display is unfortunately missing.

For a long time Waze was one of the two navigation apps that you can also use via Android Auto. Should I have made the service palatable to you now, let me know with a comment under the post. Or tell us if you might use other alternatives that might get you there better. Because unfortunately you have to read again and again that Waze is not necessarily good enough for German roads.

Google Maps has a number of advantages

Of course, there are a few things that don't speak for Waze. In Google Maps you can find out much more details about POIs, the satellite view for the maps is missing in Waze, navigation is not on foot and therefore also possible without Live View, and public transport is also not taken into account. And we'll probably find a few more points that Google Maps can do a little better.

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