What did you do in Australia?

20 things to do in Australia - the bucket list

When we flew to Australia for the first time, we of course planned like crazy beforehand what we would look at and what we would do. We realized relatively quickly that our plans definitely couldn't be made on a vacation in Australia. Already then we realized that Australia is simply huge and the distances are gigantic (you still need help with your road trip planning? Have a look at our article Australia - the land of underestimated vastness!). So we wrote lists: what we definitely want to look at, what we want to look at and what we want to look at at some point ... and that somehow resulted in our Bucket List Australia with the 20 things you have to do in Australia !

1. Ride the “The Ghan”

The famous train runs from Adelaide via Alice Springs to Darwin - the route measures an impressive 2,979 km and runs through the middle of the outback. The train is on the road for four days. But if you like, you can get out in between. What has held us back so far? The proud ticket prices ...

2. Feed a kangaroo

The kangaroo is Australia's # 1 landmark. And it is a great experience to see a kangaroo in the wild. We can't get enough and are always fascinated anew when we see one. Getting up close and personal with a kangaroo and even feeding it is even more exciting! Of course only in a zoo or a rescue center and with the necessary respect, after all, they are still wild animals! Very important: Inquire beforehand about the respective zoo, whether it maintains a species-appropriate attitude!

3. Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the most famous reef in the world. And not without good reason: at 2,012.5 km it is even the largest coral reef in the world! The variety of corals and fish is gigantic (at least in the Outer Reef). Unfortunately, you should hurry up for this point, as the reef is acutely threatened by coral death. We think: snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef is a must!

4. Road trip on the Great Ocean Road

What the Great Barrier Reef is in the water, the Great Ocean Road is on land. We'll say that the Great Ocean Road is the most famous road in Australia. And rightly so! Although the 243 km long road doesn't actually go along the coast all the time, the route is fantastically beautiful and there are lots of exciting and spectacular things to discover!



5. Stroll the graffiti streets of Melbourne

Here you can admire a special kind of street art. The so-called laneways in Melbourne are absolutely worth seeing and we find a must-do if you are out and about in Melbourne. Definitely a hotspot!

Rutledge Lane - graffiti art in Melbourne

6. Hang out at Bondi Beach

Sydney's world-famous beach even made it into the book "1000 things to see before you die". We think you should take a look at the beach and everything around it. Yes, there are definitely nicer beaches in Australia. But once you put your feet in the sand at Bondi Beach, it's definitely worth it!


7. Make a typical Australian BBQ

And somewhere in a park or on a beach at one of the numerous free barbecue stations. Delicious food with a fantastically beautiful backdrop: it couldn't be better!

8. Try Vegemite

We always try to encounter other countries and cultures in a completely unbiased manner. This also includes the food culture and the associated favorite foods. Unfortunately, we did the same thing in Australia and tasted Vegemite ... as you might see from the lines: we have definitely ticked that item off our bucket list!

Vegemite Spread Australia

9. Experience the sunrise at Uluru

When the holy stone is kissed by the first rays of the sun: simply magical!

10. Hold a koala in your arms

Koalas are just sweet as sugar. And it is a very nice experience to hold a koala in your arms and to experience these creatures up close. But here, too, the following applies: these are wild animals and you should only do this in a zoo or a rescue center. And in any case make sure that the koala is comfortable and, above all, that the zoo keepers keep an eye on it!

11. Eat fish & chips on the beach

Fish & Chips is also at the top of the Australian menu. And you should enjoy it barefoot right on the beach!

Fish and chips on the beach Australia

12. Watch the Sydney Opera House

The architectural marvel is not only world famous, but also a landmark of Australia. The opera house is spectacular and we think it's a must-do!

13. Sail to the Whitsunday Islands

The small archipelago on the east coast is pure paradise! Fantastic, white sandy beach and turquoise sea. And how do you get there With a sailing ship!

14. Spend the night in the outback under the stars

The outback is also one of the things that you immediately associate with Australia. And once you should have stayed under the breathtaking starry sky.

15. Have a cappuccino in Fremantle

Fremantle is a delightful little town on the west coast just below Perth. To have a cappuccino / coffee on the famous cappuccino strip is, as we think, definitely a must-do!

16. Discover a quokka on Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is located off Perth on the west coast of Australia and is a little paradise in itself. But the absolute highlight are the cute residents: the quokkas. Getting the little kangaroo species in front of the lens: worth striving for!

17. Sunbathing on Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach is the whitest beach in the world - with an entry in the Guinness Book of Records! You can find this paradisiacal beach on the east coast of Australia in Jervis Bay. Let the sun shine on your stomach for a day: definitely!

18. Visit the largest sand island in the world - Fraser Island

Another highlight of the superlatives! Fraser Island is on the east coast of Great Sandy National Park. Dune surfing on the largest sand island in the world!

19. Drinking wine in the Barossa Valley

The wine-growing region north of Adelaide: fantastic landscape, delicious wine and lots of other delicacies - a feast for the eyes and the palate!

20. Let the red sand trickle through your fingers

Pure Australian feeling. Once in the outback, let the red sand trickle through your fingers and feel the connection to the continent.

To be honest: our bucket list for Australia is much longer, but that would definitely go beyond the scope of this article! Have you already seen something from our bucket list? Do you have your own bucket list? Feel free to write us an e-mail or leave a comment - we are really looking forward to your must-dos!

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