What is the rudest country to travel to

Poll: These nations are the most unfriendly

On vacation, most of them want harmony, relaxation and a dose of culture from the vacation country. A large part of this culture is of course made up of the natives of the respective country. The travel price comparison site "Skyscanner" asked 1200 people which nations they found particularly impolite. Take a look at the results of the survey in our click show.

From India to China

They don't have much in common, but they share tenth place in the ranking: India (1.9 percent) and Switzerland (1.9 percent). Turkey performed slightly worse with 2.15 percent. The Italians are considered spirited and cheerful. But it seems to be different with tourists. Together with Poland, Bella Italia only managed eighth place with 2.24 percent. And Spain also disappointed its visitors with seventh place (3.15 percent). Many people lose their good mood as soon as they enter the USA. Questioned, scanned several times and without shoes, one or the other feels like a foreign body even before he has stepped on American soil. That doesn't seem to be getting any better in the country either, because the mentality of the United States took sixth place (3.39 percent) in the "unpopularity ranking". China: many people, everything is bustling. The Asian countries are actually known for their polite restraint. It is not known whether tourists had really bad experiences here or whether they were simply not adjusted to the foreign culture. Nevertheless, China secured fifth place with 4.3 percent.

Germany - really that rude?

The next place is particularly bitter. If we had polished up our image overnight through the soccer World Cup in our own country, this trend does not seem to have been very sustainable. No sooner have all the flags disappeared than have we forgotten our manners again? At least that is how the participants in the vote see it. With 9.93 percent, Germany came fourth. So there are only three nations left even rougher than us. England can "look forward" to third place, which received 10.43 percent. The second place clearly stands out from the third. Russia got 16.56 percent - and second place. Which nation is left and has not yet been named? Who has the inglorious first place? Whether it's surprising or not is debatable, but the French seem to be the rudest people in the world. C'est la vie! Incidentally, the Portuguese can be happy: They emerge from the survey as the nicest people in Europe. Globally, Brazil and the Caribbean did best. Joy of life is really on the agenda.

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