How do you feel about domestic violence?

Domestic Violence - Find Help Here

The most important thing is: trust your feelings. If you keep feeling uncomfortable, threatened, tense, or anxious about your relationship, something is wrong.

  • If you feel acutely threatened, call the police (110)! This is obliged to intervene against violence and can z. B. expel the perpetrator from the apartment for several days.
  • If you have been injured, seek medical treatment from a doctor you trust (for example your family doctor, your gynecologist). Talk to the doctor about what happened. Doctors can provide and mediate help. If desired, they can also point out options for (anonymized) securing of evidence.
  • Document every incident. A simple diary is sufficient for this. So you have in black and white what happened and how often it happens. Such a diary can be an important piece of evidence in later proceedings.
  • Talk about what you are experiencing. Look for someone you trust in the family and among friends and acquaintances. But also specialists in schools and daycare centers, in family centers or associations can be contact persons.

Get advice, even if separation is not an option for you at the moment. The “Violence against Women” helpline offers initial advice 365 days a year, around the clock, free of charge, anonymously and in 18 languages. On request, the helpline can also put you in touch with a suitable specialist advice center or a women's shelter. There are women's counseling centers all over Germany. Together with you, they will design an individual way to end domestic violence. The counselors respond to your personal circumstances. If you feel threatened in your own home, women's shelters offer you and your children protection and advice.