Why is Hyderabad known for pearls

Why Hyderabad Pearls Are Considered Famous

The irony that Hyderabad is 300 km from the sea is still a melting pot for pearls. Have you ever wondered why Are Hyderabad Pearls So Famous?

Let's find out what makes Hyderabad pearls so famous!

The capital of Telengana was nicknamed "City of Pearls" because of the philanthropic benevolence of the Nizams who had ruled this Histrionic city for over two centuries, from the 18th century to the mid-20th century. Their imperial rule, their alien lifestyle, and their love of handicrafts attracted some of the world's most famous artisans, especially from the Gulf, which is the breeding ground for the original pearls.

During their glorious reign, they made sure that these rare pearls were imported from the Middle East, which eventually laid the foundation for the pearl business in this city. And so Hyderabad became a one-stop pearl shopping destination.

Pearls are now an integral part of the city's culture, which also boosts tourism. Because of their imperial connection, pearls are also called " Queen of jewels " designated. Their unadulterated radiance and incomparable polish have made these jewels a timeless predilection for women from all walks of life.

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How pearls are obtained

There are actually two types of pearls - the real ones are extracted from the oysters, while the other type is the cultured pearls.

Did you know that the pearls that gave the city its nickname are actually from the outside, mostly from China?

After being imported to Hyderabad, they are taken to Chandanpet, a village outside of Hyderabad, where the whole village is involved in the exquisite art of bead drilling. The art they have been practicing for centuries has made Hyderabad one of the largest pearl drilling centers in the entire country.

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The drilling is then followed by boiling, which is observed for 4 days. The boiling bleaches as the pearls fade from their original dark color. After bleaching, the pearls are then transferred to glass bottles containing a mixture of ether, water and hydrogen peroxide.

Pearls come in three colors - pink, black and white. While black and pink have their own meanings, white is the most requested shade when it comes to shopping for pearls.

Previously, Arab traders not only exchanged diamonds in the city of Nizams, but also pearls. Some pearls were also imported from Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Japan, Venezuela, Australia, and Indonesia. But today it is China that rules the Hyderabad market.

While natural or rare pearls are exquisitely imported from Tuticorin (India), Basra (Iraq) and Venezuela; Cultured pearls are imported from Japan and China.

With annual sales of 500Cr, the business followed by a legacy does Hyderabad pearls so famous.