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Basic muffin recipe

68,777 ratings

Here is a great basic muffin recipe for a quick dessert that everyone succeeds and tastes really fluffy.


101,780 ratings

Pancakes are a popular breakfast in North America and are eaten with butter and maple syrup or with bacon. A fluffy recipe.

Spaghetti Carbonara

29,446 ratings

The Italian recipe Spaghetti Carbonara is known and loved everywhere. Whipped cream, eggs, parmesan and spices are used here.

simple rice pudding

29,189 reviews

Your loved ones cannot get enough of this simple rice pudding. Try the recipe.

chocolate muffins

19,623 ratings

Who does not know the coveted chocolate muffins. Chocolate muffins are a simple recipe that will make children's hearts beat faster.

waffle dough

20,655 reviews

Children especially love waffles. Here is a recipe for waffle batter that you can make with your children.

Chocolate cup cake

16,557 ratings

If you want to bake with your children, then try the juicy recipe for the chocolate cup cake.

Broccoli soup

15,182 reviews

Soups are always welcome. The recipe for broccoli soup warms our body and gives us strength.

curd noodles

14,818 ratings

Children and those with a sweet tooth will love this recipe. The curd dumplings succeed in no time and taste fluffy and fluffy.

Grandma's pancake batter

15,565 ratings

Pamper your loved ones with grandma's pancake batter. Try this delicious recipe.

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