What is Amazon's pricing strategy

Study: Amazon best combines brand and price strategy

Amazoncurrently offers the best combination of brand perception and price strategy from the customer's point of view. This puts the online mailer first Colgate, Nokia, Pampers and Visa. This is based on the current study by the market research company Millward Brownemerge.

For the analysis, the WPP subsidiary examined 1000 brands from 20 countries and also surveyed over a million consumers worldwide. It turns out that after the economic crisis it is no longer enough to offer customers a low price. 81 percent of the respondents let themselves be seduced into a purchase by a brand promise. Last year, the price was still the main reason for 20 percent (2011: 7 percent).

"For brand manufacturers, it's about finding a balance between the consumer's need for branded goods and their willingness to pay," explains Bernd B├╝chner, Managing Director of Millward Brown Germany. If a company succeeds in walking this tightrope, then inexpensive brands receive a high value in the perception of the consumer, provided that they generate a corresponding need. In this year's edition of "Value-D: Balancing Desire and Price for Brand Success" is a contributor Lidl also a German company made the leap into the top 10. me