Why does Melania Trump look so sad

Melania Trump Incredibly sad! These pictures show how lonely the first lady really is

Once upon a time there was a little girl from Slovenia who went out into the world to get rich and famous. Unsuspecting that this girl would become the First Lady of the USA many decades later, she certainly could not have dreamed that. And also that this supposedly oh-so-great, glamorous life can actually be pretty sad.

In the video above you can see private recordings that reveal what Melania's reaction to Donald's election victory really was like.

The journalist Kate Imbach already took a close look at the Twitter account of Melania Trump (47) last year and found out sad things for herself ...

The first lady has been registered with the online service Twitter for eight years. She shared over 782 photos and videos over the years. Photos that document your life - whether sad or happy is an open question.

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In the background

Between February 16 and November 27, 2014, Melania shared three photos of husband Donald, 71, and son Barron, 11. From behind. She is always in the second row after the men in the family. Does she keep their backs free?

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The same view over and over again

A total of 74 photos show the Manhattan skyline. Actually a nice view. No matter what time of day or night. But it seems as if the view from Trump Tower is like a view from a golden cage - in the truest sense of the word. Melania is said to have had her own floor in New York. Often the beauty and her heavily rich husband have not seen or spoken to each other for days.

When Melania turns right in her million dollar apartment, she has the best view of Central Park. She also snapped photos of it cheerfully, in spring, in summer, in autumn, in winter. At sunrise. At sunset.

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New York from above

When the Trumps are not residing in the White House in Washington, they live on floors 56, 57, and 58 of the Trump Tower on world-famous Fifth Avenue. At a height of 202 meters, the family towers over the pedestrians of the luxury shopping street. But the view and height do not seem enough for Melania. She also shared 67 pictures from her private jet. Always with the same view: New York City.

Melania on a cuddle course with someone else? In any case, Donald's gaze speaks volumes - in the following video:

In general, it seems to have done the adjoining Central Park to her. However, she doesn't walk through the park like we do and enjoy Manhattan's green space. Melania drives through the park. The photos are slightly blurry. By raindrops on the car windows or by driving speed. Has she ever set foot in what is probably the most famous park in the world?

In an interview with Fox News, the beautiful mother of one son revealed that she and Donald have problems traveling. That was before the US presidential election. Traveling is stressful for her, so she built a little oasis at home. And it is precisely for this reason that there are only a few photos that show Melania out “in the world”.

Oh, but when Melania does leave the house to go to major events, she usually has a seat in a box or in the front row - after all, money doesn't matter.

Selfie Queen?

Anyone who thinks a person like Melania shares images of himself non-stop is wrong. And if she shares some, then either heavily edited, with sunglasses or just part of her outfit.

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She also perceives the protection of herself by posting cropped photos with son Barron. The teen was preferably photographed from behind by his mother from 2012 to 2014. Barron by the sea. Barron in baseball. Barron playing golf.

And she shares that otherwise

Melania has shared many photos over the years from Essen, from Mar-a-Lago, press images of jewelry and from TV recordings of Donald's programs. At first glance, your account seems very sad. She literally lives in a golden cage. Since her husband has been in power, there is only one thing left to see: you in her office as the president's wife.