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Smombie Alert! Why you should put your smartphone away more often and how you can overcome your addiction

by Tim Reichel

I bet you feel the same way as me: your smartphone is your constant companion. Whether at work, while studying, in a café or on the street - the mobile phone determines your everyday life.

You are not alone in this. According to a study by the University of Ulm, smartphone users check their cell phones an average of 88 times a day. Even if it only took a minute to check the cell phone each time, that would be almost an hour and a half a day. Not to mention the fact that you get distracted every time and can no longer concentrate on your important tasks.

It becomes really problematic when you run into a lamppost from all your smartphone wiping, your smartphone falls in the toilet or your partner throws it against the wall because he is jealous of your cell phone.

So that this doesn't happen to you, I'm going to show you why you should do without your cell phone more often and what you can do to get your smartphone addiction under control.


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How the smartphone keeps you from studying

For students, the problem goes much further and is much more serious than a few small accidents in everyday life. In the worst case, your smartphone addiction ensures that you don't pack your studies.

Push notifications beep and hum all the time. Whether in a lecture or while studying, your smartphone always puts you on a kind of alert and ensures that you cannot concentrate on your work. So your cell phone isn't just to blame for neglecting real life, it's keeping you from studying. And that is not good.


Infographic: 7 reasons to leave out your smartphone

In the following infographic you will find out very clearly why it is worthwhile to put your smartphone down more often. Then I'll give you a few tips on how you can get your cell phone addiction under control and finally concentrate on your studies again.

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How to Combat Smartphone Addiction: 5 Tips for Students

So that you are less distracted by your mobile phone while studying, I will now give you five effective tips that will help you do without your smartphone.


Tip # 1: Set smartphone days off

In order to consistently declare war on your addiction to the smartphone, you first go the hard way and simply do without your mobile phone for entire days. Good opportunities are of course days when you want to study in a concentrated and undisturbed way. It may help you to go to the bib or a rest room at the university to study. Because cell phones are often banned here anyway.


Tip # 2: go to the cinema

“Please switch off your mobile phone to enjoy the film undisturbed.” In your free time, you can do things that your smartphone would only bother you and you don't even have to think about Facebook, WhatsApp and any games. Go to the cinema, do sports or meet up with your friends for a real conversation and just leave your smartphone at home. You can also do that when you meet up with your study group. And if you don't have the heart to leave your cell phone at home alone, at least don't take it out of your pocket and don't wear it on your body.


Tip # 3: Use a real alarm clock

Start your day consciously in the morning without a smartphone and end it in the evening without your little companion. Do you still have a conventional alarm clock? If not, get one and put your cell phone somewhere that you don't go to first thing in the morning - that is, not in the bedroom, not in the bathroom, and not next to the coffee machine.


Tip # 4: Delete apps that are too distracting to you

Do you really need Facebook, Snapchat, games and the like on your smartphone? Just delete all apps that keep you from doing more important things and distract you while studying. So you won't even be tempted and you will see how liberated you feel in the end.


Tip # 5: turn off all push notifications

If the deletion doesn't work right away, at least turn off all push notifications. With push notifications, you always have the feeling that you have to react to everything immediately. Whether it's breaking news from the football team, a group message about Anna's birthday present on Whatsapp or a new photo of Tom on Snapchat - none of this requires an immediate reaction from you that couldn't wait until you are through with your study session.


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Sometimes it pays to do without a smartphone.

Of course, there are a lot of useful tools for your smartphone that make your life and study for university easier and help you to organize your things.

However, cell phone consumption is increasingly taking on addiction-like traits and determining our lives.

So that you don't ruin your relationship or your studies, it pays to do without your smartphone more often. Even small steps such as switching off the push notification or establishing a spatial distance to your mobile phone will help you.

Do you have any other tips for cell phone addicts?


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