What is the use of GATE exams

Application tests abroad

Range of services

The written application tests are carried out by the DAAD offices around the world. The DAAD offices

  • provide suitable examination rooms,
  • print out the examination documents sent,
  • check the applicants' identity,
  • ensure that applicants only use the approved aids,
  • supervise the written exam according to the agreed time schedule (max 180 min) and
  • send you the scanned exam papers by email after the exam.

Further information on the provision of services, registration, procedure and framework conditions can be found in our leaflet for universities.

Our general terms and conditions, the general information on conducting applicant tests and our data protection information apply to the applicant tests.


Please book the application tests using our registration tool.

In the registration tool you will also find information about the locations at which we can carry out the written application tests.

Important NOTE

Cancellations by participants are to be communicated to us immediately. Since the organization on site requires a certain amount of effort, we have to cancel the agreed services later than eight working days Invoice before the appointment.

Proportional flat-rate fee

1 applicant75 euros for GATE members150 euros for non-members
2 - 4 applicants150 euros for GATE members300 euros for non-members
5 - 12 applicants200 euros for GATE members400 euros for non-members
13-25 applicants250 euros for GATE members500 euros for non-members