Where's Bran's Direwolf

Translation of "Schattenwolf" in English

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The Direwolf is the seal of your house.
The direwolf is the sigil of your house.
You are not a Direwolf, Bran.
The Game of Thrones - Stark coat of arms chain shows a stylized Direwolfwho is shown with his mouth open and aggressively bared teeth.
The Game of Thrones Strong Chain of Arms shows a stylized shadow wolf, depicted with the mouth open and the beaten teeth.
Deer, lion and Direwolf adorn the white bowl and give it a noble look.
The stag, lion and shadow wolf decorate the white shell and give it a noble look.
The Direwolf is the coat of arms of your house.
The direwolf is the sigil of your house.
Are you brave enough one Direwolf to meet?
Are you brave enough to meet a direwolf?
And what about that Direwolf?
We have a Direwolf.
You have against one Direwolf fought.
a Direwolf is not a...
And what about that Direwolf?
A Direwolf is not a pet.
I've known Ghost long enough to be one Direwolf to recognize.
The Direwolf Coat of arms forms a beautiful eye-catcher on the front.
The coat of arms of the shadow wolf is displayed in a frame on the front.
You have a Direwolf repelled.
Your coat of arms shows a gray one Direwolf on an ice-white field, their motto is Winter is approaching.
Its coat of arms displays a gray direwolf running on a white field, and its words are Winter is Coming.
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