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Trans-Ident e.V. is a non-profit association that supports people with transidentical feelings, i.e. people who are physically either male or female, but who perceive themselves to be members of the opposite sex. We have set ourselves the goal of offering transsexuals and their relatives help on their way and advising them on all questions relating to their transsexuality or trans identity. Other transgender and intersex people are also welcome at any time. We do not pursue any commercial goals and do not want to replace therapy with medical or psychological specialists.


Attention: Due to the corona virus, group meetings and get-togethers are currently only taking place online or are not available at all. Please ask the respective group leaders for up-to-date information.


You are here on the information pages of the self-help organization Trans-Ident eV In addition to the registered, non-profit association Trans-Ident eV, which maintains its own advice center for transsexuals and their relatives as well as for the entire spectrum of LGBTTIQ, the self-help groups Trans -Ident Ansbach, Trans-Ident Aschaffenburg, Trans-Ident Bayreuth, Trans-Ident Erlangen, Trans-Ident Ingolstadt, Trans-Ident Lichtenfels, Trans-Ident Munich, Trans-Ident Nuremberg, Trans-Ident Regensburg, Trans-Ident Schweinfurt, Trans -Ident Würzburg and Trans-Ident relatives as well as regulars in Ansbach, Nuremberg and Regensburg connected. Information on the meetings of the individual groups as well as contact forms for the group leaders can be found in the group menu at the top of our site.

In the group meetings of the currently sixteen self-help groups, there is a lively exchange of experiences among the visitors present. In addition, numerous specialist lectures by competent speakers offer important information for everyone who wants to start the transition or is already on it. Four get-togethers and various varied leisure activities ensure that the sociable in our network is not neglected. All groups and round tables are always open to new interested parties, regardless of whether they are affected, relatives or other interested parties. Even if Trans-Ident e.V. is a registered, non-profit association, it is of course not necessary to be a member of the association in order to be able to take part in group meetings or get-togethers.

In addition, as part of our Trans-Ident counseling center, one-on-one discussions with competent and experienced employees are possible after making an appointment by telephone, either in private surroundings or in the rooms of the group meetings. We have experience in advising those affected in self-help groups since 1978. We ask you to contact us by phone or email. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed!

We would particularly like to draw your attention to our school project. We do general educational work here, but also individual case advice for those affected, parents, teachers and school administrators.



"Strong! is the LGBTIQ * specialist body against discrimination and violence. The counseling service for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans * and inter * people, their friends, relatives and specialists is throughout Bavaria. In principle, every LGBTI * person who (has) experienced any form of discrimination and violence is at Strong! right: from structural discrimination to bullying, insults, physical attacks, seemingly harmless jokes, lack of recognition of gender identity, anger at home or violence in one's own relationship. We offer support, information and an open ear. On request, we will support you with a police report or the creation of complaints and refer to lawyers, doctors or other specialist agencies. Advice is given by phone, in chat or in person on site at Sub e.V. The offer is free and barrier-free access is given. We advise in German and English. In addition, cases of discrimination and violence can be reported in the central reporting office using the anonymous online registration form: Every report helps to clarify the number of unreported cases and helps to clarify the problems of trans *, homosexual and queer hostility when arguing with the police and politicians. "


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Contribution to "Blue Couch - Celebrities at Gabi Fischer" of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation (Bayern 1) on May 13, 2018 "Sandra Wißgott - transsexual headmistress" (unfortunately no longer online)


Report in NAKOS-Info 113, p. 46 from November 2015



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