Why can't people live without technology

Why we humans can't freeze and wake up in a hundred years

The fact is: According to the current state of technology, it is not possible to awaken from cryostasis. Specifically: After death, processes of decay start in the body, which, as of now, cannot be reversed. There is also the problem of freezing and thawing without damage. For example, the toxic antifreeze would have to be removed from all cells. It would also need to be able to cure the deadly diseases from which many of the cryonics suffered - and others would need a whole new body.

So there are among scientists strong doubts that cryonics will be thawed in the future and can go on living - especially if only the head is frozen. Stefan Schlatt from the University of Münster sees cryonics as not feasible because the sensitive blood-brain barrier, the barrier between blood vessels and the brain tissue, breaks when it freezes.

Other well-known scientists have also expressed similar criticism in public. The transplant doctor and professor of medical management and health sciences at the University of Bayreuth, Eckhard Nagel, considers cryonics to be "Pure science fiction". Biophysicist Günther Fuhr, former head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Technology, describes it as fantasy and "pure dreams of the future". Even Aaron Drake, a medical doctor with the cryonics organization Alcor Life Extension Foundation, admitted in an interview that the whole thing might just be an "everlasting science experiment".


Author: Gesa Schölgens