How is business advice

Dream job business consultant - a little-known alternative

A child, when asked about their dream job, still answers today with a firefighter, pilot or veterinarian. What is a dream job actually? This wish should be very precise even before vocational training or university studies

But who knows at sixteen or eighteen what the real long-term needs and goals in life are. In addition, not every doctor, university professor, lawyer or diplomat can become a doctor. In recent years, young people have therefore often preferred training or university courses that opened up a career in corporations for them. But the last year in Germany has shown that jobs that used to be considered very secure are quickly endangered, especially in large corporations, when it comes to restructuring measures or even the risk of bankruptcy. As a university graduate on the long-term career Betting in the group today can be dangerous. What is left as an alternative? Are there jobs that may not seem like a dream job at first glance, but turn out to be one?

Be self-employed
Many university graduates shy away from self-employment after their studies. Good advice from parents, relatives and friends is often an obstacle here. "Get a permanent job, there you have your social security, your pension insurance, your regular working hours and vacation," are the common statements. But what applied to the career path twenty years ago is more than irrelevant today. Anyone who is currently a university graduate, man or woman, is used to working independently, dividing the time, acting independently and being responsible for this. Why give this up in professional life? In some areas it is even possible to take on a protected self-employed activity, that is, companies encourage self-employment and even offer during the induction period financial security with a comparatively high fixed salary. One of these training goals is called "economic advisor".

Training as a business advisor
A three month Trainee program in an in-house academy and the subsequent on-the-job training enable a young consultant to gradually gain access to full consulting qualifications and experience. In addition to the fixed salary, there are various cost assumptions and grants from the company, e.g. B. for trainee training (trainer / hotel etc.), training and examination to become an insurance specialist IHK, subsidizing mentoring, advanced training at the academy, the postgraduate course in financial planner. Bachelor graduates can currently be supported in a suitable part-time master’s degree.

The beginning
The trainee period provides the technical basis for advising young university graduates in the fields of medicine, economics and engineering courses. The state consulting qualification is proven by an IHK expert examination. During on-the-job training, the young consultant accesses tested market access channels, has his colleagues as constant conversation partners and a mentor who helps out if any uncertainties arise. If you want to make a career today, whether as a doctor, dentist, economist or engineer, you have to rely on yourself focus on your core competencies to be able to. That is why the economic advisor, in his person and with his training, is the one who plans, keeps an eye on and constantly realigns the provision, the professional and personal security.

Is business consulting a job for me?
In order to be able to communicate as a business consultant with his clients on an equal footing, courses in economics, business administration or law are ideal. Other subject areas are also possible if personal and factual suitability is appropriate. The prerequisite is that you actively and happily approach people, hold intensive discussions with interesting people, work out plans and then implement them continuously. This profession has excellent prospects at the moment, as the Client's need for advice constantly growing in difficult times. The business consultancy industry has so far been reserved for men, but it is an ideal job profile for women who want to combine family and career in their lives. The target group-oriented business consultant knows the life and career paths of his clients and can therefore contribute his high-quality advisory services in the long term. The young business consultant establishes himself with young clients and accompanies them over long periods of time. The conversation is at eye level right from the start and recommendations are inevitable. This creates a group of clients that matches the individual personality and strengths of the business consultant.

Quality and lifelong training
An important ethical value for the business advisor is "quality". The quality of his advice, the quality of his competence and that of the products he offers. The future-oriented business consultant knows that his advisory service will only stay up to date if he is ready to continuously expand his know-how today and in the future. As an academic, with the profession of business consultant, the reputation of the client is to be equated with the tax consultant and the lawyer. Through the high professional and human qualifications The economic advisor is the first point of contact in the event of changes in living conditions. It then z. B. with doctors about their own practice, their own home, an inheritance or long-term pension plans. But the business advisor not only accompanies positive changes in life, because divorce also requires planning and decisions. For some time now, legislation has also been accommodating this high-quality job description. When choosing a consultant, each client should therefore check the quality of the advice and only then issue a mandate. Business advice is a position of trust.

Profession with a future
To embark on a career path today that not only creates recognition and appreciation in the academic clientele, with very good earning opportunities and the possibility of later assuming management responsibility yourself - not a dream job?

By graduate economist Werner Wirth
Head of Academy and Personnel Recruitment at A.S.I. Wirtschaftsberatung AG