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Learn to play the piano on the best YouTube channels

What are the best YouTube channels about playing the piano?

Learn to play the piano online

There are many offers online for learning to play the piano. (Photo: © Vereshchagin Dmitry, lucadp / fotolia.de. Montage: bonedo.de)

If you want to learn to play the piano, you will find numerous online offers in addition to traditional piano lessons. There are numerous apps and online piano schools that compete with piano teachers, sometimes with considerable technical effort. There is also a large selection on YouTube. From classical piano playing to technical exercises and jazz tutorials, the platform offers thousands of videos on learning to play the piano - and all of them free of charge. Here we introduce the best YouTube channels for learning to play the piano.

You can learn everything on YouTube today, literally from 'A' for car repair to 'Z' for sign language. There is also someone somewhere in the world for almost all musical instruments who makes learning videos and puts them online, and since the piano is so popular, the selection is particularly large here.

Of course, such diversity always has a catch: Where do you start? Which offers are really worthwhile? With so many choices, it's easy to lose track and spend more time looking for videos than playing the piano. So that this doesn't happen to you, we have tested some of the most popular YouTube channels to learn to play the piano for you and present them here.

The second “catch” of the YouTube principle is that most of the videos and channels are in English. If you want to use YouTube as a platform for learning to play the piano, you should be able to speak English well. But there are also some popular and recommendable channels in German, which we also present here.

Note: Due to the large number of offers, this article can of course only give a small overview and does not claim to be complete. If we have forgotten something important, just write it in the comments!

Quick Facts: Learn to Play the Piano on YouTube

Can you learn to play the piano on YouTube?

This question can not be answered on a general basis. You can find some channels on YouTube that offer such comprehensive and well-designed courses that this is entirely conceivable. If the content and teaching style of a channel suit you, you can learn a lot there. However, as with all online offers for learning to play the piano, there is no direct feedback from the teacher. So the bottom line is that I still consider conventional piano lessons to be more promising in the long term. But here, too, it is important to find the right teacher. Ultimately, it depends on many personal factors whether learning to play the piano on YouTube works or not. But what never hurts: just try it out!

What should you watch out for when learning to play the piano on YouTube channels?

The best YouTube channels for learning to play the piano offer well-thought-out video series that build on each other and gradually introduce you to the subject of playing the piano. Good channels are also characterized by the fact that you not only watch someone play the piano, but also that additional information such as notes or chords is displayed. If possible, not only should pieces be re-enacted, but accompanying content such as harmony theory and ear training should also be conveyed. And finally, of course, it also depends on how and by whom is the content presented? Do I like the “tone” and approach of the teacher?

What are the alternatives?

With online music schools and apps, which also exist in large numbers and offer increasingly complex courses, you can learn at your own pace, similar to YouTube. The offer there is often clearer and more structured than on the video platform. You will also find many workshops on learning to play the piano here on Bonedo.

Learn to play the piano on YouTube channels in German

As already mentioned, the range of German-language YouTube channels on the subject of piano is nowhere near as extensive as the international one. Nevertheless, there are a number of recommended channels in German.


Music2me is actually much more than just a YouTube channel, namely a fully-fledged online music school that we have tested here. The YouTube channel gives a good impression of the offer, so that it is easier for you to decide whether a music2me subscription is something for you. The head behind the Music2me video piano course is Yacine Khorchi, who studied piano at the oldest German music university in Würzburg and has been teaching piano to students of all ages for many years. The elaborately produced Music2me online piano course has all the requirements in its structure to learn to play the piano step by step. Age does not matter. The tried and tested concept begins with the basics and begins with the sitting posture, followed by proper practice with the piano, fingering, notation theory and playing various piano pieces with two hands. You can flexibly allocate the time to learn and practice yourself. Learning with Music2me works with any PC, Mac, tablet and even smartphone.

Music2me on YouTube

Music2me is an online music school with an extensive program.

Thomas Forschbach / werdemusiker.de

With almost a quarter of a million subscribers, Thomas Forschbach from klavier-lernen.de and werdemusiker.de is by far the most popular YouTube piano teacher in German-speaking countries. His relaxed and personable manner certainly contributes a lot to that. The channel offers multi-part tutorials on many popular pop and film songs, with the focus on quick success stories. A practical feature is the display of a “illuminated keyboard” in the upper area, so that you can see very well what is being played. The areas of technology and theory are not neglected either. Forschbach's YouTube channel is also a “foretaste” of his fee-based courses, which are available in the werdemusiker.de online store.

Thomas Forschbach on YouTube

Thomas Forschbach is one of the most successful German piano YouTubers.

Learn the piano using the Zapiano method

This channel is also a free foretaste of a paid offer. Sven Haefliger from zapiano.com offers over 300 videos on YouTube, including simple exercises for beginners, tips for memorizing, videos on pop and jazz titles, as well as the highly recommended "3-Minute Piano Practice" series with short exercises for in between . The presentation is professional and the tone is casual. Those caught on fire can continue learning with the full courses on the website.

Learn piano using the Zapiano method on YouTube

The Swiss piano teacher Sven Haefliger is behind Zapiano.

Learn to play the piano on YouTube channels in English

The range of YouTube channels in English is much more extensive than that of German speakers. Those who speak English can now find hundreds of channels on YouTube that deal with all facets of piano playing. Therefore, this list can only offer a small overview of the most popular.


With over a million subscribers, this channel is probably the most popular of all. HDPiano is also the YouTube offshoot of a paid online school. This is why you can often only find the first part of a video free of charge on YouTube; a subscription must be taken out for the full content. Nevertheless, the offer on YouTube is very extensive and you can learn a lot here. The focus is on re-enacting popular songs from across pop history. For my taste, however, additional content such as harmony is a little too short. The presentation is professional: a piano roll display is displayed above the keyboard so that you can see what is being played.

HDPiano on YouTube

HDPiano is mainly about replaying pieces using a piano roll representation.

Joe Raciti

On Joe Racitis Channel you can find a wide range of tutorials from classic pieces to current pop songs. The arrangements are sorted into different levels of difficulty. I like that Joe Raciti shows many songs how to play a typical piano accompaniment in a band or with a singer (in many videos he even sings to it himself): according to chord symbols and not according to notes. There are complete piano arrangements for other songs. A recommendable channel for everyone who is looking for a relaxed and informative introduction to playing pop piano. Like many other successful piano YouTubers, Raciti also runs a website with a paid members area and advanced lessons (joeraciti.com).

Joe Raciti on YouTube

Joe Raciti runs a successful YouTube channel for learning to play the piano.

Bill Hilton

If you are interested in jazz piano, Bill Hilton is the right place for you. Jazz chords, improvisation and free play are high on the agenda on this channel. Although there is also a video series for beginners, many of Bill Hilton's tutorials are more for advanced learners - you should have some basic knowledge of the piano, especially for jazz topics. The presentation is not as elaborate as some other popular channels. There are no fade-ins such as notes or "illuminated keys"; you just look over the shoulder of the pianist and learn a number of tricks. In addition, Bill Hilton provides a lot of useful information on jazz harmony. He offers a number of accompanying e-books for sale on his website.

Bill Hilton on YouTube

Bill Hilton's videos are less elaborate, but the content is all the more interesting.

Jazz tutorial

Even more jazz piano: Julian Bradley has been with the company since 2010 and runs one of the most successful YouTube channels on the subject. The focus here is not on learning or replaying certain pieces, but on the important jazz “tools” for pianists: harmony theory, chords, voicings, scales and improvisation. These topics are explained very competently and sympathetically and the videos are provided with informative overlays. The canal is not for beginners. Advanced players who want to develop further in the direction of jazz piano have come to the right place.

Jazz tutorial on YouTube

You can learn jazz piano from Julian Bradley from Jazz Tutorial on YouTube.


The Canadian Allysia mainly devotes herself to classical music on her channel. This channel is also more for advanced users. In addition to videos on various classical works, you will also find a lot of interesting content on the topics of music history, composers, ear training and harmony. For example, there is a playlist with over 60 videos on the subject of “Listening to Classical Music”. PianoTV is not an online course that can replace the piano teacher. But if you want to delve deep into the subject of classical music, its composers and the associated theory, you will find a large number of interesting and instructive videos here, which are presented fresh and friendly.

PianoTV on YouTube

PianoTV's Allysia is mostly about classical music.

Josh Wright

Josh Wright is a multi-award-winning pianist and even had a number 1 hit on the US classical music charts. He focuses on the classical repertoire. Overall, the channel is not aimed at beginners, but rather at advanced pianists who are looking for inspiration. In his videos, Wright - always properly dressed - goes into the technical challenges of the pieces and gives many useful tips for interpretation. Practical: In the lower area of ​​the videos, the keyboard can usually be seen from above. Josh Wright devotes himself to different levels of difficulty and subject areas with various series (ProPractice Repertoire, ProPractice Technique, Lessons for Beginners, Music Theory, VIP Masterclass).

Josh Wright on YouTube

Josh Wright is an award-winning classical pianist with a successful YouTube channel.

Closing word

Of course, we cannot include all the recommended YouTube channels on the subject of playing the piano in this list - the range is simply far too large for that. But we hope that these channels offer you a good starting point - and maybe the YouTube teacher who suits you perfectly will already be there. If we have forgotten a particularly recommended channel, please write us a comment.

Have fun YouTuben and learn the piano!

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