Why are gas stations separated from parking spaces

Gas stations?

A little survey:
What do you think of standing around at gas stations in the evening! Make it a meeting point with the clique and tankers!
So 20 people every evening from 8pm to 3am!
Is that annoying or do you also do it, like some of us in the city?!?

Greetings Green

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So we actually always meet in the huge parking lot. And for a while there were up to 40 people standing up there and the green and white people on the square were also promised. But that has now subsided and now there are always 10 people. It has to be good weather again.

At the beginning we also met in parking lots! But FC GrĂ¼n Weiss always put a stop to it and asked us not to stand there anymore! Labber Labber because of private premises and such!
Refueling is public!
And there is something to drink!

Greetings Green

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Yes, we always have 2 boxes ... uhh ... water with us ... always someone else brings along. Only with us in Haltern there is only one gas station that is open at night ... and there are only idiots ... and we don't want to deliver each other ... afterwards someone thinks I know them ...

I can also make my evenings more meaningful
I think it's just a question of age ... the new drivers do that with us from time to time.
and then there are the heavy horny types "so rischisch konktret krass ne, if you understand what i mean ...."
the variety can also be found there
for us, the lake is the magnet

We don't have a lake!

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We have I think 6 lakes but it's still more fun than at the lake ... but only in the evening!
And I'm not a driver's license newbie and not a specific crass guy and I'll do it anyway ...... hehe

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We have different meeting points.
It always depends on who you want to see. BMW is at the gas station, VW on one side from the Praktiker, Opel on the other ...
Well, it's not that severely separated ..
Lately it's not so busy, I can remember up to 40 cars last summer. Then it's fun too, but not every day ..

(Unfortunately there are hardly any polo drivers in between)

Dear polo greetings

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And with us you watch one polo after the other ... and mine somewhere in between ...

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With us you can open a Golf 2 wholesale ...

We also meet at the gas station or in a parking lot. The good thing about the gas station is that you have everything, but there are also a lot of idiots, afterwards people think we belong to them.
At the moment, that's why we often meet elsewhere, unfortunately the weather this summer doesn't always play well.

Kind regards

as if I got that right now?
you meet at the we an ner tank and stand there for hours and talk?
that sounds very exciting!
and especially with this "summer" it has to be really fun

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With us you also get that with the gas tank,
but I don't think so much of it.
If you come from the late shift, you still have to fetch cigarette butts at night, pull up to the gas station and there they stand. They look at the car and then talk about what has actually become normal today. Then there are some comments and have there I'm already excited again. When they try to make the wave with their 40 hp cars, I have to laugh at them. Well, just let them stand for a moment and that's a good thing for them to eat.
Well the people from the gas station.
There are such and such. Only the reputation of the people is very bad and for the business also not prikelnd. I would not tolerate that as a gas station leaser. My former girlfriend has 3 refueling and quickly were expelled.
We meet once a week on Sunday afternoons from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Nice in the industrial area where we don't bother anyone for any reason. As a polo club, we are already represented with 20 cars and if you count the guests, it will be fine times 40 cars. All VW-S. The police come by every Sunday to drive by but there have never been any problems with them.
Just say good behavior is everything. Try to keep the place clean, no rubber actions and no speed races.
Just sit together and have fun playing polo ...

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Hi everyone,

i would like to stand at the other side of the tank a few times, but i'm not really in contact with the tunners, it's stupid if you don't know anyone and i can't just stand there and say hello, or what do you think of it.


So on the weekend nobody is standing at our gas station, everyone is in discos!
Only during the week from 8! It can be 3 in the morning!
But that has been done for me since yesterday! If there are too many people in one place, people blaspheme around the back! I don't have to give that to myself!
Fed up with refueling!


aso I thought so too!
during the week that's ok, although I would also have no desire to do so!
well maybe very funny now and then !?
but haven't been able to discover such a meeting anywhere here either!
also like to blaspheme other people
but who doesn't !?
I think you can't blaspheme about other cars,
unless it's fusch ...

strange .. so with us nobody is at the gas stations .. to be honest, it wouldn't burst either .. ..I don't know where you live .. most of the meetings with us .. in the city .. of russians standing in the parking lots and drinking ..but since I'm not Russian, I don't go there logically either

I don't want to say that I have something against russians (well, I already got one from them)
but I wonder why they always have to sit in schools, kindergartens and so on with a palette of cans of beer from aldi?
now deviates a bit from the topic,
but I have to say that's what I think

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the phenomenon of the gas station ...

with us it is the agip, although in my opinion there are only idiots. some have migrated to our mc donalds.
But there are hardly any places that have not been cordoned off because some simply have to behave, rubbish etc. is their own fault.

our meeting point before we go to the disco is always the tank. and after that too
but there is hardly anything going on this summer. and the constant "would like to" rush past with 100 and drive off with burning-weels etc. are just annoying ...

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you're absolutly right.

5 years old stuff

... say's the one who knows the date ...

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I'm slowly getting RIGHT! pissed off!

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