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Salzburg economy from August 21, 2020 / episode_16

· 11 No. 16 · August 21, 2020 Salzburger Wirtschaft Chamber of Commerce and BMK Innovation Laboratory AIRlabs Austria start partnership for innovative drone testing “New enabling” - this is the name of an initiative by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce to facilitate and initiate innovations in companies should. The aim is to offer small and medium-sized businesses in particular the environment they need to be able to try out their innovative ideas. The pilot project for “New Enabling” forms a partnership between the WKÖ and the innovation laboratory AIRlabs Austria, which is funded by the BMK as part of the FTI aviation program “TAKE OFF” and handled by the FFG and presented at the end of July at the Wiener Neustadt airfield has been. The focus of this partnership is the testing of drones for applications in numerous economic sectors. The areas of application for drones in the economy are already diverse: from construction, surveying and infrastruc- ture inspections to use in logistics, agriculture and forestry to checking damage by insurance companies, unmanned flight systems can already demonstrate their added value - trier. In the medium term, drones will play an important role in the mobility industry and will increasingly be used for parcel, logistics and future personnel transport. Because they offer a high degree of flexibility and scalability and thus competitive strength. WKÖ and AIRlabs want to give small and medium-sized companies in particular the opportunity to easily test whether and how drone applications can be economical for them. Covid-19 tests and guidelines for tourism companies Austria-wide Covid-19 tests guarantee a safe holiday experience and a guide gives tourism companies orientation in dealing with (suspected) cases. In order to detect infection at an early stage and to stop it from spreading as quickly as possible, the federal government has started the Austria-wide initiative “Safe Hospitality - Test Offer Tourism”. Since July 1st, employees in commercial accommodation establishments have been able to have themselves tested regularly. The federal government bears the costs for this by means of funding. Participating companies undertake to adhere to overall criteria and motivate all employees who come into contact with guests to carry out regular Covid-19 tests. Participating companies can apply for and use the “Safe Hospitality” logo for this purpose. As part of this globally unique initiative, they actively contribute to positioning Austria as a safe holiday destination. A new and compact guide from the Ministry of Tourism, which was created in cooperation with the WKÖ Hotel Industry Association and the Ministry of Health, gives tourism companies, especially accommodation companies, orientation in dealing with Covid-19- ( Suspicious) cases of employees or guests in the hotel. The decision on how to proceed in a specific individual case always rests with the local health authority. The guideline serves to inform and prepare entrepreneurs in the event of a suspicion or an infection in the company. The focus is on security and information, but above all the personal responsibility of all those involved. Information on the range of tests and guidelines for dealing with Covid-19 (suspected) cases can be found here: www.sichere- Employees in commercial tourism businesses can undergo regular Covid-19 tests. Photo: WKÖ / Corbis “New Enabling” kick-off of the partnership between WKÖ and AIRlabs Austria (from left to right): Holger Friehmelt (AIRlabs), Roswitha Wiedenhofer (AIRlabs), Martin Payer (FH Joanneum), Andreas Perotti (FACC), Wolfgang Ecker (WK NÖ), Johanna Mikl-Leitner (LH NÖ), Harald Mahrer (WKÖ), Norbert Haslacher (Frequentis), Hannes Hecher (Schiebel) and Joachim Edel (AIRlabs). Photo: WKÖ / M. Knopp

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