How much money do newspaper publishers make

Income from delivering the newspaper: Is it worth it Whole?

Delivering newspapers and mail is a popular part-time and student job - for some people it is even the main occupation. In this article, we take a closer look at this job and see what you can actually earn as a newspaper deliverer.


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Newspaper carrier: the perfect part-time job?

Delivering newspapers has always been an important part-time job. With students in particular, this job is one of the cellars and tutoring most important part-time jobs in terms of numbers. After all, you can deliver newspapers early in the morning and thus before the start of lectures and thus finance your day-to-day studies.

While delivering newspapers was very popular for a long time, that has changed somewhat in recent years. Because they became increasingly popular Additional income on the Internet (such as online tutoring or product testing). These new additional earnings make the “classic” student jobs such as newspaper delivering increasingly competitive.

Because, in fact, the job of the newspaper carrier did some downsides:

  • You have to get up early in the morning, usually late at night, to finish your shift before the start of the day. This rhythm is by no means suitable for everyone.
  • Newspaper carriers are relentlessly exposed to the weather and the seasons. So you have to be weatherproof and provide the necessary clothing and good shoes yourself.
  • Many publishers provide little or no material for their deliverers. So you have to take care of a mobile stand or a transport trolley yourself.
  • The income potential is very limited - but more on that in the next section.

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Hourly wages

In order to estimate how much you can really earn as a newspaper deliverer, you have to take into account the different payment models. With hourly wages, it is pretty easy to calculate the expected return: You simply calculate the hourly wage multiplied by the possible working hours.

If you deliver newspapers and brochures 40 hours a week, you would earn around 1,500 euros gross per month. Most newspaper carriers, however, work part-time and therefore earn significantly less.

Billing per piece

The more common case is that you will be paid by a publisher for the number of newspapers or flyers that are delivered. How many euros you can earn depends directly on your speed and the number of newspapers you can deliver.

With the standard rate of 15 cents per newspaper you would have to hand out 100 newspapers to get an hourly rate of 15 euros. In order to catch up with a delivery person at the hourly rate (with a minimum wage), you would have to distribute around 63 newspapers per hour - quite a lot.

How many pieces you can actually deliver per hour depends heavily on the area in which you work. Are the addresses far apart (for example for single-family houses or in rural communities) or can you drop a large number of newspapers in the shortest possible time (for example for apartment buildings in urban areas)? You need to take these factors into account to estimate your newspaper delivery salary.

In order to “top up” his income as a newspaper carrier, there is sometimes the option of covering several districts and thus distributing more newspapers per shift.

What can you earn as a newspaper deliverer?

In order to estimate the salary for delivering the newspaper, you have to know that there are two fundamentally different accounting models:

  • The hourly payment: In most cases, delivering newspapers only receives the minimum wage (9.50 euros from 2021).
  • The Payment per newspaper delivered: With this more frequent accounting method, you are paid per item when delivering a newspaper, typically 15 cents.

Conclusion: Is it worth doing the newspaper as a side income?

We have seen: this is true for both hourly wages and payment per piece Income potential as a newspaper carrier rather low. While as a waiter you can at least improve your earnings with tips and as a temporary teacher you can increase your hourly rate over time, as a newspaper deliverer you are severely limited in income.

It is not realistic that the hourly rate will increase significantly over time (for this you would first have to work for a company as a newspaper deliverer for many years), nor can you sustainably increase your salary in any other way.

The fact that you are not flexible in terms of time and are exposed to good or bad weather every day makes delivering newspapers not exactly the ideal part-time job for many people.

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