How do you pop a pimple

Pimples: The red pustules are not always harmless

Just before the date it suddenly appears: the big, red pimple between the nose and upper lip. But it shouldn't be expressed. Because in the worst case, there is a risk of blood poisoning and thrombosis. We asked Doctor Hans-Georg Dauer, dermatologist and member of the Professional Association of German Dermatologists, what can happen when you fix pimples with your fingernail.

Don't squeeze pimples

It is known not to squeeze pimples. On the one hand, pathogens can penetrate the small wound, on the other hand, already inflamed skin cells can spread and lead to an even worse inflammation. In addition, unsightly scars are often left behind. Pimples that appear between the upper lip and forehead are critical. Because it is precisely in this area that the cerebral veins run. "Squeezing can cause pus and bacteria to get into these veins, which can be dangerous," warns Dauer. The closer the inflammation is to the nose or eyes, the more dangerous it is.

In severe cases there is a risk of blood poisoning

With normal, small pimples there is usually no danger. It becomes problematic if the pimple continues to inflame and fester, for example from pressing and squeezing. Usually the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, which occurs naturally on our skin, is the trigger. If the germs get into deeper skin layers, blood poisoning can occur, among other things: "If a red stripe is visible next to the inflamed area, the area is hot, swollen and painful, or if the person affected even suffers from chills and fever, a doctor must be consulted immediately be called ", emphasizes the dermatologist.

When a thrombosis threatens

In rare cases, the inflammation can also trigger a thrombosis. If the swelling is pushed around to remove the pus, the bacteria can invade nearby blood vessels, enter the bloodstream and thus be transported to the brain. Meningitis or thrombosis can occur. "In the worst case, the thrombosis can even lead to a stroke," warns the expert.

What to do about pimples

If you can't squeeze - how do you get rid of pimples quickly? "There are a variety of pimple-fighting products in pharmacies and drug stores," says Dauer. "It's best to choose one with alcohol and dab the affected area several times a day." Alcohol has an antibacterial effect. Other active ingredients used are, for example, salicylic acid and lactic acid. Zinc has a drying and anti-inflammatory effect, benzoyl peroxide works to dissolve the cornea and thus prevents the pores from clogging. But you still need a little patience. Peelings can be used as a preventive measure. These also clear the pores and ensure that the sebum can drain away.

Often only antibiotics help

"In principle, a doctor should be consulted in the case of purulent, swollen and painful pimples that appear in the facial area," advises Duration. "The doctor prescribes antibiotics and ointments to fight the inflammation and prevent the bacteria from spreading. In some cases, the affected area of ​​the skin is also opened so that the pus can drain away." The same also applies to ingrown hairs.

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