Why are you studying abroad in China

Study in China

There are already costs when applying to a Chinese university. An application fee of around 70 francs can be expected, but this varies depending on the university. When entering China by plane, it is advisable to buy an annual ticket, as the prices for international flights in China are much higher. For the annual ticket, with which you can buy a return flight at the same time, you can expect around 760 francs. Another cost factor is your health insurance. Since statutory health insurance usually does not provide any benefits in a country outside the EU, it is worth considering international health insurance. Such insurance can be taken out from around CHF 30 per month.

The main cost comes from the tuition fees. These vary depending on the university. Even within an educational institution, the contributions differ from one another. There they differ from department to department. The costs for medical, scientific and technical subjects are higher than for the humanities and social sciences. A master’s degree is more expensive than a bachelor’s degree, but cheaper than a doctorate. The semester fees for a bachelor's degree are between 1,600 and 5,500 francs a year. A master’s degree and a doctorate cost between 2,200 and 8,700 francs annually.

Study and living conditions

There are around 2,200 colleges and universities in China. Around 80,000 foreign students are currently studying in educational institutions that are structured similarly to those in the USA. They are a demarcated complex with teaching and residential buildings, sports fields, their own shops, restaurants and hospitals. It is common for foreign students to live in the campus' own dormitories.

The monthly costs are between 100 and 200 francs for a double room without a private bathroom. A single room with shower and toilet costs from 230 francs upwards. Foreign students are now also allowed to take private accommodation off campus. The rent can even be cheaper here than in the dormitory. For a small apartment you pay from 110 francs upwards. However, the costs vary greatly between the provincial cities, the coastal metropolises and Beijing. It is important for your own apartment to report to the local police and to register within 24 hours of signing the rental agreement. This is done free of charge. Each day that passes without registration, however, 55 francs are due. In China, it is customary to pay rent for three to six months in advance. Usually a deposit of one to two months' rent is due.


Catering in China is particularly inexpensive if you use local products. In restaurants that offer traditional food, you can get a meal for one or two francs. Foreign products and restaurants, on the other hand, are much more expensive. A stay of two semesters in China will cost you around 5,500 francs plus tuition fees.