Which business should I start in Germany?

Business start-up

If you want to start your own business, you need a good plan - and support. We will help you with the first steps into self-employment.

Running your own company - that means a lot of responsibility, but it also opens up a lot for you opportunities: You can realize your ideas, make your own decisions and become economically independent from others.

Those who are self-employed can often organize their working hours more freely depending on the industry and type of self-employment. Parents or people with care responsibilities can then, for example, look after their children or caregivers more flexibly.

The most important requirement for self-employment in Germany: You have one residence permit. It is also important that you speak and write German well.

Prepare your self-employment well and make sure that you have financial reserves. To be successful in the long term, you need a good business idea and start-up capital.

Your employment agency or your job center will help you with the first steps towards self-employment. The employees will talk to you about the services we can support you with. They will also provide you with basic information for setting up your business and give you the names of contacts for further advice.

Starting a business is a big challenge. Weigh up the opportunities and risks carefully and inform yourself carefully before setting up a company. Further information can be found on the page Start-up and start-up grant.

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If you are not from an EU member state, the European Economic Area or Switzerland, you need one residence permit. You can only become self-employed with a residence permit.

You need a business plan and precise financial planning. You should have the necessary professional qualifications and be able to provide evidence of the necessary permits or permits. You can obtain information from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or the regionally competent Chamber of Crafts.

For your own safety, find out about a so-called "Bogus self-employment". Since it is banned in Germany, it can endanger your economic existence as a self-employed person.

Also clarify the following before founding: Does the job you want to do belong to the liberal professions or is it? a trade? You have to register a commercial activity. To do this, contact your city or local government and the tax office.

Regardless of whether your stay has already been clarified: The specialist in your employment agency or your job center will help you prepare for your business start-up. In conversation with her, find out about, for example

  • Advice centers or contact persons,
  • Start-up seminars in your region,
  • Help (also financial) that you can possibly claim for your self-employment.

You can search for the department that is responsible for you at the end of this page.

In all employment agencies and job centers there are officers for equal opportunities in the labor market (BCA). For example, the BCA will inform you about special events and offers for women.

The IQ network supports people from abroad free of charge in setting up a company. The network advises you on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Ask other start-ups about their experiences. Talk to business people who are familiar with your industry or with self-employment in Germany.

Here you can find more information about start-up seminars.