What are the benefits of dual citizenship

One-two as a risk : Life is uncomfortable under the rule of two states

One-two is not only available in football, but also in naturalization law, but only for 20 years. On May 6, 1999, the Bundestag passed the place of birth principle (ius soli) in naturalization law. Up until this point in time, it was impossible for a child born in Germany to non-German parents to become German by birth, i.e. to obtain German citizenship. It was enforced by the government coalition of the SPD and the Greens. The law came into force in January 2000.

However, it only applies if at least one parent has permanent residence status. These children are not only Germans, they are dual citizens, because they automatically have the foreign citizenship of their parents.

The legal reform was sensible, because children of the second or even third generation born in Germany need to feel that they belong fully. Until 2014, this group had to choose citizenship before they were 23 years old. She was released from this duty by the grand coalition in 2014.

Nobody knows exactly how many dual states there are today. According to the analysis of various sources, it could be 1.6 or 4.3 million: resettlers, citizens from EU countries and from states that do not expatriate, such as Iran, Afghanistan or Syria.

How do you live with two passports? In many cases, not as carefree as many imagine. Anyone who has to be satisfied with a citizenship thinks of double advantages. Not me, because being under the "rule" of two states can be uncomfortable.

Male German-Turkish youth are subject to Turkish military service. However, you can "buy your way out" with 2000 euros (originally 10,000 euros) and 21 days of military training. But it can be even more uncomfortable, downright dangerous, to have two passports, as the case of journalist Deniz Yücel has shown. like others too - have to learn that Turkey was not at all important to the German part of its dual statehood.

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