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Sideways Glances: Why Are Many Successful Women Still Single?

Wochenblatt columnist Alexandra Schindler asks herself: Why do successful women often fail to find a husband? Your answer: Because many men obviously do not dare to approach smart women.

REGENSBURG Why do successful women fail to find men? No question about it, this is due to men who do not dare to approach smart women! Woman somehow does everything wrong. If she is self-confident, ambitious and successful she scares off men, if she is a housemaid, calm and frugal, she bores her. Is it now up to us women or the men who cannot decide what they want or can take ?! I think the problem is that a lot of men feel put off by career women. They are afraid, they are superior to them. Do men develop complexes when the woman is more successful? The more successful, the more educated, the more difficult it is for successful women to find a man. Cinderella is still happy to be married today, because only Cinderella seems to be able to promise the prince that he will remain king even in the marriage. The “bad sisters”, on the other hand, are no longer willing to chop off their heels to fit into the glass shoe!

We successful women are sometimes labeled as outsiders. In reality, we are not. We earn well and can afford a lot of nice things for ourselves without having to ask.

The majority of men don't want that.

Because as much as men like to compete - they want clear relationships in their love affair. The pecking order may be okay at work, but taboo at home. There shouldn't even be a shadow of a doubt that the man is the stronger, the protector, the provider. It is enough for them if they compete with one another in the male world. And then against the other half of humanity, against which women compete? Unreasonable! More competition in the workplace means more competition at home. They are not stupid!

Professional success is not on the plus side The red-haired Miranda Hobbes also learns from my favorite series "Sex and the City" that professional success is not recorded on the credit side when choosing a partner. She's tired of being alone. To get to know a man, she goes to speed dating and fails three times in a row in the first minute, since she truthfully tells in every conversation that she is a lawyer in a large law firm. This clearly has a deterrent effect on the male counterpart. On the fourth attempt, she learned her lesson and said, “I'm a stewardess.” The man promptly asks her to go out with her. The joke is that not only she lied, but - as it turns out only after a few nights together - he too: Contrary to what he claims, he is not a doctor, but a shoe seller.

If the woman is suspected of being superior to the man - because she is more qualified, deserves more, is hierarchically above him or has a greater public significance - then this has a very direct diminishing effect on her erotic attraction. The more signs of power a woman has to show, the more massively she loses sexual attractiveness.

Just what's the alternative? No success at work and equally bad luck in love?

In fact, I claim that successful women are unlucky in love. They just let a man be a hero only when he actually is.

Most men like women who submit. But thank God not all are like that!

But how can there be so many great single women and so no great single men? The girls from Sex and the City asked themselves that too!

It's simply because successful women need men by their side who can meet them on an equal footing.

And above all, successful women are not looking for a breadwinner, but a partner.