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Mother Ivana reveals: This is how Ivanka Trump thinks of stepmother Melania

The relationship between stepmothers and their stepchildren is not always harmonious. Ivana Trump - the first wife of today's US President Donald Trump - is now chatting about the relationship between her daughter Ivanka Trump and her stepmother Melania

Ivanka Trump, 37, and Melania Trump, 48, have something in common: since Donald Trump, 72, became the 45th US President, both women have been in the public eye more than ever. This means that each of your public moves will be tracked and evaluated. And so it is no wonder that the relationship between the two women on the side of America's most powerful man is also being closely monitored. So how do stepmother and stepdaughter relate to each other?

Ivanka Trump and Melania Trump: one heart and one soul?

As an adviser to her father, Ivanka naturally holds back with statements about the third wife of the president. But her mother Ivana, 70, Donald Trump's first wife (1977-1992), is not that squeamish. Even if she doesn't pull out big guns, she doesn't find loving words for her (second) successor and for the relationship between stepmother and stepdaughter. Ivana Trump told the US magazine "The Atlantic" that they were respectful, but by no means friendly. According to the people's magazine "Ok", Ivana says that Ivanka "thinks Melania is fine because she wasn't the one who made me end my marriage - unlike the other." The 70-year-old is clearly referring to Marla Maples, 55. Her then-husband's affair led to their divorce and then ended in a marriage between the current president and US actress Maples.

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Ivana Trump is happy to provide information

However, if this is the only positive thing that Ivanka has to report about her father's current wife, then this also makes a deep impression. There have been no signs in the past that the two were closer. On her Instagram account, the 37-year-old last congratulated her stepmother on her birthday in 2017 (she never skipped the birthday of her birth mother, however). Back then, the birthday greetings sounded very friendly. "Congratulations to our first lady (and my incredible stepmother!) Melania Trump. A wonderful example for all of us of kindness and grace! I wish you a great year!" In the following year there was nothing to be read about a public birthday greeting. The reasons are not known.

In a few days, more precisely on April 27th, Melania will be born again. Let's see if and what her stepdaughter wishes her publicly. Sources used: Instagram, Ok, The Atlantic