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What is the difference between a steel tongue drum, tongue drum, hank drum, tank drum, tongue drum and steel tongue drum?

There is no. This instrument has many names: tongue drum, steel tongue drum, steel tongue drum, tongue drum, etc. Since it is a relatively new instrument, several names exist, but the exact term would still be steel tongue drum. This word is quite long and difficult to remember, so despite the presence of a wooden percussion instrument of the same name, it was shortened to tongue drum. Be careful not to deceive yourself and buy a wooden tongue drum instead of a steel tongue drum;)

What is the difference between a hang drum (or handpan) and a beat root tongue drum?

The difference between a hang drum (also called a handpan) and the beat root tongue drum is not just in the production:
- The Hang has hammered and distorted beat zones, while the Beat Root tongue drum is tuned on a single scale that cannot be changed afterwards. Our multi-scale tongue drum has 6 scales in just one tongue drum.
- The hang is much larger (24 inches in diameter) while the Beat Root tongue drum is much smaller at 12 inches in diameter, making it much easier to transport.
- Hang is much more expensive, up to 6 times more than our tongue drum (a Hang costs between $ 1500 and $ 3000, our multi-scale tongue drum costs $ 496). - A slope is very delicate due to its lightweight composite material and hammered impact zones. She can be upset after a simple fall. Our steel tongue drums are made of steel and the laser-cut impact zones withstand impacts without detuning.
- Expect to wait up to a year to get a hang while Beat Root Steel tongue drums are available for immediate use.

What is the size and weight of the steel tongue drum?

Our steel tongue drums measure 12 inches in diameter and 6 inches high. You weigh 11 pounds.

Is it possible to buy a steel tongue drum in a certain scale and for what price?

We do not offer custom scales. We assume that our multi-level steel tongue drum with its 6 different scales (including the most popular major, minor and pentatonic) covers the spectrum of all emotions that can be expressed by playing a tongue drum. The 6 scales of our multi-level tongue drum allow you to play introspective, joyful, meditative, warm and melancholic melodies.

Can you play the steel tongue drum with drumsticks?

Yes, you can use drum sticks to play your Beat Root Tongue Drum. In fact, this is also the recommended route for anyone who has never played a percussion instrument before. For your information, all Beat Root Steel tongue drums come with mallets. With our mallets it is very easy to create beautiful notes without any effort. Our mallets bounce back slightly on the notes, which results in a very clear and deep sound, which is precisely the charm of our tongue drum. Remember that we strongly advise against playing our tongue drums with hard mallets, e.g. those made for xylophones or drums, which can damage the instrument.

Can you play the steel tongue drum with your hands?

For more experienced people or those who want to deepen their knowledge of their tongue drum, it is also possible to play our tongue drum with their hands. The fingering is a bit more technical to make the notes sound right, but once you get there it brings a sense of freedom in playing style that is indescribable. But remember, technology is secondary! Whether with mallets or with your hands, the most important thing is that you enjoy playing with your tongue drum!

Can the Beat Root Tongue Drum be detuned, and if so, how do you tune it?

The quality and thickness of the alloy used in the manufacture of our Beat Root Tongue Drum, combined with the heat treatment after tuning, guarantee a very stable tuning. A readjustment of the instrument is therefore not necessary even after years of use!

How does the tuning system work on the multi-scale tongue drum?

Thanks to an intuitive and innovative tuning system, consisting of 3 magnets and colored stickers under the notes, our multi-scale tongue drum allows you to switch between 6 different large scales in a few seconds. To switch from one scale to another, simply follow the diagram on your tongue drum. In the graphic you will find the list of the available scales with the corresponding colors. To play a scale, all you have to do is place the magnets on the colors associated with the scale you want to play. To find out more about our tuning system, visit our dedicated explanation page: How to change the scale of your multi-scale tongue drum.

Is it possible to play more than 6 scales on your multi-scale tongue drum?

If you want to deepen your musical experiments with our tongue drum, it is possible to compose additional scales with our magnets to create even more possibilities. The principle is that by placing a magnet under a tongue, you tune the note down a semitone (not up). Our multi-scale steel tongue drum is tuned in G major (the lucky scale) by default. From this scale it is possible to access dozen of different scales by tuning certain notes. Don't hesitate to ask us for advice if you want to start this adventure!

How long does delivery take?

It usually takes 4 working days to ship an instrument that is in stock.

What is the difference between an acoustic and an electro-acoustic tongue drum?

The only difference between the two versions is that the electro-acoustic version has a microphone and a 1/4 '' jack that you can use to connect it to an amplifier, mixer, sound card, etc. This is very useful if you want to easily record playing yourself or if you want to play with other instruments, as the natural acoustic sound of the steel tongue drum can be amplified. But rest assured that even if you don't plug it into an amplifier, you can still enjoy your electro-acoustic tongue drum without needing anything other than your tongue drum to create a deep and melodious natural sound.

Can you plug headphones into the socket of an electro-acoustic or multi-tone beat root tongue drum?

No. If you want to listen to your Beat Root Tongue Drum through headphones, you'll need to plug it into a 3.5mm jack on an amplifier or mixer that is connected to your Beat Root Tongue Drum.

Do you need an amplifier to use the electro-acoustic or multi-stage tongue drum sound?

No, it is not necessary to have an amplifier to enjoy the sound of our multi-scale or electro-acoustic tongue drum. The electro-acoustic option allows for additional connections and when not connected it works exactly like the acoustic version. The magical sound of our tongue drum comes from its natural resonance body. You don't need electricity to enjoy the special sound of our instruments. You can play them in nature, in the forest, in the mountains, take them with you when you travel ..... The electro-acoustic option is just a bonus!

Is there a Beat Root Tongue Drum with 432 Hz tuning?

Since the demand for 432 Hz tuning is low, we have decided to produce instruments with 440 Hz tuning only. However, if you absolutely want a 432 Hz tuning, please contact us.